Kicked for inactivity in ranked draft while typing?

I don’t know why I got removed from the game. Yes I was talking about quitting that game because of the bot I was matched with, but I didn’t do anything. Am I missing something?

imgur dot com / a / 8BcUiNm

Typing doesn’t count as activity.

If you don’t select a valid hero pick within the allotted timer you get kicked out for inactivity.

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Does that mean I was the last person to pick? I don’t recall, but that’s possible. My bad then.

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Not necessarily, for example if it’s a double pick round and at least two valid hero picks aren’t locked, every single player who didn’t select, will get booted out and temporarily lose 500 points.

(Also extremely rare and probably not related to your case, is pre-picking Cho’gall on a double pick round, when 1 other hero was already selected - as it is against the rules to pick 3 heroes at once, both the Cho and the Gall will get kicked out)

Thank you for the clarifications. Took me 5 games to get that leaver penalty with a winning game removed :-/ I’ll pay more attention next time I am ranting about a teammate.

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