Issue with backdooring

The game was changed to stop Leoric from backdooring all your keeps, so why can aba do the same thing but better? Drop a mine in the base, tunnel to it, drop locus, b out before the enemy team has a chance to react. Had a game where we lost every single keep before we lost a fort. I can only assume this is intentional since it’s been unchanged for years, but it’s a damn stupid decision.

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I feel mislead by the title of this thread.

As for the subject at hand, it is because Aba is designed around macro, and has significantly different strengths and weaknesses from every other hero in the game.

In order to stop Aba from doing this, you have to out macro his macro by paying close attention to the map.


Aba can backdoor my keep any day :moyai:


If Aba wants to backdoor a keep he also need to expose his body since he dont have the global mine talent anymore. That talent was one of the reasons Zag/Aba comp was annoying to play againts some years ago before the nerf.

Just use your mini map and keep and eye on him. If you got a global like Illidan to hunt him the moment he see him he is dead on the spot.

Dehaka works if he hides in one of your bushes near base.

Complains not only about Aba? But about backdoor aba?! Okay that’s new…

He is 4 years too late with this thread. Aba cant even backdoor that good anymore.