Is there a name for Orphea's worm thing?

I have another question, how much can Orphea bench and what supplements does she use? She’s obviously using something to be able to carry around all of this dead weight.


Pac-Man skin when. :cherries:


Since Orphea looks like an anime inspired character, I thought Orphea’s backpack pet was an anime inspired tentacle monster :joy:

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Wow, Lana’s pun game is 11/10.


Orphea confirmed moe moe kyun

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More anime-looking Blizz characters like Orphea and they will form an after-school band for high school club activities.

Such as… drinking tea and playing dress-up.

There are a lot of coffins on the launcher. Does that mean that there are more lolis out there in the Nexus?

I watch your animation feature at Blizzcon and played about 10 games with Orphea. Excellent job at Blizz!

Everything about her is smooth as butter until you get booped or stunned lol

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So what you’re saying is, she’s a teenager with daddy issues.

I’m calling it Eratosthenes.

His name is Wormbius.

Thank you so much!! <3

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Chomp is the name of a spiecies, not an individual.
This is a Chomp:!!.png

The one in Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is named “Bowow”, so I’ll call Orphea’s chomp that… or “Nomnom”?

I didn’t realize that Nintendo and Blizzard were the same company :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, isn’t that a “Chain Chomp”, not just a “Chomp”?

But there are other kinds of Chomp besides Chain Chomp… Aren’t there?

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Ziggy, Abby, Chompy, Sharky, Creepy, Jawsy.

It’s your pet, you name it. Orphea is not a Hero you play. You get to be Orphea so you name it. :slight_smile:

Be fast, before it names you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chompy is the real hero. :3

Is there a name for Orphea’s worm thing?