Is there a name for Orphea's worm thing?


Question in the title.


Not officially. But I’ll just call him Chompy.


I was gonna call him Dug after the dog from up.


I don’t know, but he looks like a Venom to me.


Technically, no, considering the ‘monster’ is a really a manifestation of Orphea’s deepest, subconscious feelings – but throughout development, everyone thought of that lil’ buddy as ‘chomp’.


We could call it Nibbler


Please tell me in the files in the game that there is a file named chomp attached somewhere to it.


I mean, there’s a whole ability named Chomp, so there are files a plenty, my friend.


I’mma call it Moe in honor of my Calculus professor (long story, but he used the example of Moe being a giant monster from the abyss all of the time)


Considering the nature of the relic, that’s rather thematically appropriate, actually.
Plus, I think we could all use a little ‘moe’ magic.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



That’s… just nevermind lol.


Please tell me it is actually Chomp who chomps when chomping.


Oh gosh… That one hurt a little.




You are finding the struggles that the pet name gave us during development, hahahaha


So, what’s up with the coffin on her back?


You can learn more about Orphea and the relic here!

Long story short, it’s a relic that houses the power of her ancestry that she uses to bolster her own magic.


Well, sometimes she carries her locker on her back. I mean, a backpack would be easier to carry around but what do I know. :nexusthink:


Interesting, goign by the cover i assume the yet to be unlocked chapter 4 is going to shine a light on this.

On th other hand i might really not want to know, it might actually scare me after all.