Is there a name for Orphea's worm thing?


Please tell me it is actually Chomp who chomps when chomping.


Oh gosh… That one hurt a little.




You are finding the struggles that the pet name gave us during development, hahahaha


So, what’s up with the coffin on her back?


You can learn more about Orphea and the relic here!

Long story short, it’s a relic that houses the power of her ancestry that she uses to bolster her own magic.


Well, sometimes she carries her locker on her back. I mean, a backpack would be easier to carry around but what do I know. :nexusthink:


Interesting, goign by the cover i assume the yet to be unlocked chapter 4 is going to shine a light on this.

On th other hand i might really not want to know, it might actually scare me after all.




Chomp could be a symbiote of ancenstors soaked up, sorta like Venom that she also found within the casket and relics of her family down in the crypt. Like Aladdin’s magic carpet/lamp this magic ‘venom’ pet of old enhances you physically and magically.

Eddie Brock / Alucard say hello


I have another question, how much can Orphea bench and what supplements does she use? She’s obviously using something to be able to carry around all of this dead weight.


Pac-Man skin when. :cherries:


Since Orphea looks like an anime inspired character, I thought Orphea’s backpack pet was an anime inspired tentacle monster :joy:


Wow, Lana’s pun game is 11/10.


Orphea confirmed moe moe kyun



More anime-looking Blizz characters like Orphea and they will form an after-school band for high school club activities.


Such as… drinking tea and playing dress-up.


There are a lot of coffins on the launcher. Does that mean that there are more lolis out there in the Nexus?


I watch your animation feature at Blizzcon and played about 10 games with Orphea. Excellent job at Blizz!

Everything about her is smooth as butter until you get booped or stunned lol