Is QM bugged or was blizzard lame and just removed the rules?


It was done because new players were suffering from it, also minor regions.


Easy fix; remove mirror match protection from quick match. There’s no reason to have it in quick match. It’s perfectly fine to have new players being stuck to 1 or 2 heroes in a specific role because that’s how they learn. If they want to play more heroes they can play more games to unlock them. That’s literally the game.


It was making wait times too long for QM. There are not enough tank and healer players for every team to get one in a reasonable amount of time. So they changed it to not have such strict match making requirements to get a game started. It still tries to match each team with a tank and healer though for like the first few minutes.


Exactly this; there simply isn’t a big enough pool of players at each skill level playing each role to be able to get you in a game quickly. Unfortunately everybody wants to play an assassin and nobody wants to wait 5 minutes for a game. Personally I’d much rather wait upwards of 15-20 minutes for a solid game, but sadly I don’t think my opinion is common. Quick queue garbage games vs slow queue amazing games; former wins sadly.


Yup. That would have been a sensible way to start this off.

Unfortunately sensible and Blizzard do not always go hand in hand.


And I would rather get a 30 second queueue, instead of waiting for a balanced team.

Besides, there are still the draft modes. You can go there, if you want a balanced comp.


A lot of the time I want to play a tank or specialist. Before the changes were reverted, I could barely play either.


Who cares???

You’re telling me the alternative is better? Getting into a game quick but all 5 people on your team are mages and the enemy has 5 gankers to counter you all?


“We want more even matches!”
-Introduce QM rules that require a tank and healer
“Ew these queues times are too long, this game is trash now”
-Removes QM rules to shorten queues times
“Ugh, this MM is terrible and the comps are one-sided!”

The developers can’t win either way. They went to the lesser of two evils to get people into games quicker.


Guess I’ll link the post for completeness sake.

Notable part is this:

personally I’m indifferent to the change overall, though I do have a preference towards better comps.


you don’t want mirror matches for curtain heroes so no. please lord don’t bring that back because I hate mirror matchs and don’t want to fee two illidans.


Why not have two QM modes? One with rules and the other without?

This way those who don’t care about terrible comps and want a game quick can be happy, and the others who do want a normal standard comp with some time on their hands can be happy.


“long” as in a min or two.


Yes, because all we need right now is more game modes to shrink even more the players queueing each mode.


I guess the devs can’t win…


They loosened the requirements because almost everyone did not like the looooong queue, but i’m still getting a good amount of tank healer ranged assasin games


better yet, make a full on brawl tab, not just 1 per week, in this tab have aram, quick match, and weekly brawl


Blizzard needs to stop trying the make the entire community happy and do whats best for the game. stop listening to cry babies about que times that are not as bad as people thought they would be and do whats right for the game in terms of it becoming better. I dont like clown fest games and QM was one of the main reasons I stop playing this game if I want to practice a new hero now I got to go in a damn clown fest that’s not fun in order to do it.


the weird thing about it is that even when I picked a healer my queue times were still ridiculous??

Which really made me question is the system was even working to begin with.


O that explains it…

I played a game yesterday as Dehaka and it was so unplayable I quit 7 mins in to the match, we had like 3 I think warriors against like all dps and their team just stuck together and we basically couldnt contest, and if they went after me, I would just die you know…its like nope…why am I even in this game and not a dps like …this is just dumb.

So thats been my 2nd dc maybe 3 because b4 I was at my parents and would lag out and also make me play horribly, no option to like let the ai take control for you that I know of and like…check your ping and wait to get back in the game. It kind of tries to do that but in practice doesnt work well If ppl are just like on slow internet or like losing packets or something.