Is Anub'arak bugged?

Just played a game as him, and the towers, fort, and finally the core all auto targeted me first. I ran in behind my team (no enemy heroes were alive) while we had a full minion wave + Punisher pushing, but soon as I got close they targeted me instead of the Punisher. Only reason I can think of was because of my [Hive Master] talent at 20 (the permanent locust) was somehow giving me structure aggro.

Hey Deathrevived,

As of the latest patch, the Call for Help nexus anomaly will cause turrets, forts, and keeps to attack you if you damage enemy Heroes under them, this also happens if you summons deal damage too!

I think you missed this part.

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Structures will now focus on attacking offenders (enemy Heroes) instead of NPCs until they are dead or leave Tower range.

That is a quote from the patch notes.

Just for clarity!

I will still be looking into this, never hurts to investigate haha.

That said, it could be a great help to send along a replay if possible just to make debugging any issues much easier. You can follow the steps in the pinned topic Bug Attachment Guidelines

Replay of bug now emailed.

Anub is one of my faves, and this is enfuriating, and clearly a bug. Just wondering if there were any updates? It isnt a freak occurance, it is every time in range of a Fort, even if last one in and no enemies in sight.