I'm the guy who post a lot, AMA

Would you accept a more appropriate name change? SpamiSha perhaps?




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What happened to your Tracer avatar/pic?

Why devote so much time to the forums?

Also how? Im here around the clock if im not sleeping but im still dwarfed by your numbers.


Why do you hate me so much

I think my favorites are once I put my heart and soul in formatting and creating them which I think they were a good test in using the HTML format that is available on the forums.


The ones that I would like to erase from my memory are the one that made me cringe after reading them again, ehhhh ahhhh.


As I’m writing this I noticed that the two guide threads for D.Va and Tracer have an issue with images, today I took some time fixing that for the Tracer guide and will do the same for the D.Va one, sorry that this had to happen.

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Why do you call so much hate from me to ya?

I change avatars a lot.

Because I’m bored and I have nothing to do in my free time, that wasn’t really the case for example in the last 4 days, my activity took a dumpster fire here because I started playing Skyrim again, theif style is really lit and never tried it before, I’m a mage type of guy person.

Only you can figure this out, think of it as a game, solve the puzzle.

Because I love you.


Yes I am, I think this fine masterpiece will only be understood by the few who commit to art, thank you for bringing this up.

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Why are you insult me by Khala Embrace?
It hurts :frowning:


You don’t understand, Khala’s Embrace is OP and you go and pick Khala’s Light, heresy at it finest.

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there you go. now you are an “AsSeenOnTV” product.

do you like that one?

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Hell yeah, ShamWow™ best meme, take that FlexTape™.

Why are you so silly?

Better than being a soulless serious user 24/7.

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Darling may I ship you and Dr. Logan?


Go ahead.

Do you snack when you game? If so, what snacks? I will be shipping you guys, but I can’t on these forums they are very G rated darling.


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