I'm sorry, but I've uninstalled


You are lucky to have been playing at all.
For me, it always says 100-250 seconds, but in reality, I wait for 5-10 minutes for every single match, often with “a player were disconnected, gfy and start again” in the end.
Today I was told “60 seconds” for Unranked, and I have waited for more than 20 minutes. It feels like Blizzard do it on purpose. That’s enough, I am done too. The game is dead anyway.


They posted today that they’re fixing the matchmaker soon. Maybe stick around and see how that goes?


QM is the most chaotic mode and makes ranked look like it’s sucking on a pacifier.


:nerd_face: " i h8 quic3 m4tch cuz’ l0ng que t1mes"


:slightly_smiling_face: " It’s ok"

Me " I see no difference"





Honestly, this game is not for relaxing, unless you five man it in QM with friends on discord and just have lol’s. If you want frustration, solo queue for QM, it’s a joy to behold.


Yeah… how many times did they exactly said that they “fixed” it in the past 4years?


Oh no! This guy uninstalled. That’s it. It’s been fun but the game can’t continue without him.


Yes, people had glib replies like that for years to uninstall and goodbye threads. While I get it, some are probably attention seeking, but many people give good feedback as to why they are leaving.

Also right now I don’t think we really can afford to lose that many players if my queue times for all modes are any indication.


My queue times have been mostly less than 2-3 minutes so far today for QM. I think the longest as a 5 minute as Orphea. And I know its nowhere near “primetime” at the moment. So… I wonder why yours are so long.


My queue times aren’t long anymore for QM, my comment was made around the time Blizz dropped the new comp rules for QM. Since they reverted the change, QM queue is fast, HL not so much.


I just can’t grasp what people found in QM all along, it has been a HELL and a clown fiasta for the last 2 years already.It was never anything serious.

They had to focus on Ranked heavly ,but they didn’t.And catering to the general casual player pool in QM, who barely take the game seriously, didn’t work that well…


For me, it’s because as far as I know you can’t duo queue HL and I play with my wife.


‘‘The Great Race’’ film for relaxing. Hots only for masochists right now.


You can always go TL ranked , as duo.



I didn’t know that. Thanks!


Or Unranked Draft, that also allows for duo queues.


Translation: I posted here for attention.


Exactly, why even bother coming to GD and make a big deal about uninstalling.