Im hard stuck in sliver im looking for sliver and up friends

Hey,im handstick sliver 3 and sliver 2 so im looking for anyone in the sliver range or better so we can learn together and get unstuck together…i have a discord like a gaming committee so that wouldn’t be no worries about coms i just want to get from sliver and possible to diamond someday.

My battle next name–darkwaizz
Tag and name-- darkwizz #1548

AH my time zone is AST that’s is the Caribbean i"m an island boy in the weekdays i play pretty late: Mon-Thur 10-1pm AST

                  Fridays 6-1pm AST

                  SAT-SUN-12am-1pm AST (with breaks of course)

Just add me in game and work from there thanks or add me on discord io/Aesir legion

Thank you who ever wants to play really looking forward to some games.

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