Illidan vs. Valla: Demon Hunter Duel

Who is the better demon hunter?

Illidan has the ability to evade basic attacks, better burst damage and increases his attack range by using Metamorphosis. Valla can sustain herself for prolonged basic attacks by maxing her Hatred trait up to 10, increasing attack speed, life steal and movement speed. Thus, she can use Strafe or Rain of Vengeance to even the odds, perfect for team fights.

I think Illidan can win a 1v1 against Valla.

(But Valla is usually more useful to have.)


Anyone can play valla without griefing his team much and you can draft her anytime.
Try doing that with illidan.


Both Illidan and Valla that having play for it. I see that these heroes would hard to win here.

One thing’s for certain. They’re both better at hunting demons than Imperius.



What? Since when. How did I miss that iirc it only say attack speed in the description

I think it depends on the level, the player, and the situation.

All that aside, I think Illidan takes this one. He can dodge Valla’s skillshots and block her AAs. Valla cannot do the same. They both have healing AA and pretty hard hitting AAs. I think it would boil down to the player, but I think Illidan has the edge.

Valla can win if she keeps her cool and wait for W to do her dash. Your typical illidan often Q and W right away.
If she manages to predict W and dash and dodge it illidan better have a wave to AA to or picked speed on Q at 4 else he is in trouble.
Illidan’s performance also depends on how much space he has on the lane and how far he can pursue. His tickle damage is not scary until then.
It also depends on the number of hatred valla stacked.

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Yeah, but if Illidan doesn’t put pressure on Valla right away she can just AA him from afar and wear him down. So against Valla, and basically any AA hero, he needs to dive.

Depends walking away and going to hit things to get trait usage is usually better than trying to pursue and get poked if you do not have Q speed at 4.
Doing that often baits people to carelessly try to attack you.
I frankly mostly pick speed at 4 nowadays.

I agree, but like I said the matchup mostly depends on the player and how they play. I still think Illidan can take her, but it might be a very close match.


It is certain. illidan is not helpless and neither is valla, there are lots of IFs in the matchup.


Wait, are we talking lore, in-game 1v1, comps?

  • Lore: Illidan >> Valla
  • 1v1: Illidan > Valla
  • Comps: Illidan << Valla, the vast majority of the time

I do not believe you know how illidan works here.
he has neither burst damage nor range.

Valla can build to completely annihilate Illidan in a 1v1.

Q build? Eh if she also has towers to run behind for the 10 seconds after she blows both q/e/q.

Aa and w would both lose hard to a good illy.

Caltrops (Hot Pursuit can work) -> Irrelevant -> Any/Build Synergy -> Rain of Vengeance -> Tempered by Discipline (not required) -> Seething Hatred or Frost Shot -> Rancor or Storm of Vengeance.

The reason Valla has an advantage is that Illidan cannot reset his abilities off of her passive if he eats a slow before a second melee. Caltrops breaks him, and all she has to do is a semi-decent Vault to start the kiting chain. Once he’s locked out of both Dive and Sweeping Strike, he’s completely helpless to Rain of Vengeance unless he has Metamorphosis. However, Valla can be built to still have the advantage here, since she can reset the distance and have Vault back up for Caltrops once again.

TL;DR: Valla can build and outskill Illidan, and there isn’t much he can do about it except hope she makes a mistake.