Illidan breaks free from a Void Prison stasis


Illidan’s breaks free from a Void Prison stasis with his Hunt.

I know Illidan’s Hunt is now unstoppable. But to my knowledge a stasis always trumps anything from unstoppable, to being invulnerable. A butcher can be stopped with Chromie’s Time Trap and to my knowledge Zeratul’s Void Prison.

I’m pretty sure this is a bug is it not?


Hey there corndog!

From my watch of the video, it appears like the Void Prison just never hit the Illidan. Notice that the “Stopped” UI on his name plate never shows up, which is a good indicator that he wasn’t Stopped at any point during his wind-up for The Hunt. I think this might just be a good example of an ability missing and not any sort of bugged interaction.

Feel free to send us the replay following the instructions on this thread if you feel like my analysis is wrong after a second viewing, and I will open it up and look at what I see!



Well, I just put the speed at .25. It froze the minion under Illidan yet ignored him. This looks like a bug?


That is what I see also.
Interesting, an ability which might override STOPPED status–which nothing should.


Watching the video again, that minion is actually above the Illidan player there and on the very edge of the Void Prison whereas the Illidan is below it. It’s worth noting that The Hunt has Illidan’s model rear back prior to charging. However, if you look at his Hero ring and the center of Lightbomb when Anduin cast it on Illidan (which he wouldn’t be able to cast on Illidan while Stopped), that point is not within the Prison.

I just think it was a really close cast that only BARELY missed. However, the offer stands that if corndog sends the replay in I will confirm that, but without it, I will stand by this analysis.


I (and I think Joby and corndog) missed just missed this, thank for Huginncord!