I just have one thing to say

playing a really great game with Nova while A Ghost In the Trenches plays on loop EVEN IF it’s a loss in the end, but you played good enough to get MVP with highest hero damage in an all assassin game

that is one hell of a feeling and I love it.


Im glad you enjoy playing a hero even if they aren’t considered “meta”


I would increase a damage to Nova. At least a little bit. She needs it anyway.

Personally the first thing I’d do is relieve the reliance on the snipe at least a bit, as it stands right now you miss a single snipe you’re basically just gimping your damage for at least one whole fight and it’s not like you can say it’s reasonable to expect someone even a pro to never miss.

You’d just need to revert the two patches of nerfs and she may see higher than diamond play again.

if you go snipe build, you can get 5 stacks easily at level 13+ in any teamfights that lost over 15 seconds.

Provided you miss your first snipe.

I just fear making Snipe stronger would make her cause more toxicity in QM.

Any thoughts on how to fix that? off the top of my head, a long term quest akin to Azmodan’s, except per hitting snipes on enemy heroes?

But seems like you would need to make it realtively insignificant, as otherwise good nova players raise the “frustration” of playing against Stealth heroes.

I don’t think “toxicity in QM” should ever be even remotely considered and is part of the problem this game has always had. You simply can’t balance a game that’s supposed to be competitive around the lowest of low gameplay in a mode that isn’t even the full version of the game (no draft).

Blizz could completely remove the Fog of War from QM and make stealth heroes appear with a bright red flashing indicator and people would still complain that stealth heroes are OP.


Thing is I don’t feel like max stacks snipe is all that oppressive which is why I’m suggesting lowering the gap between min and max stacks rather then outright buffing either side.

That saidlast I checked Snipe build isn’t even her most damage build at least in my experience, usually I find myself drawn to one in the chamber if i’m looking for raw damage and more often then not I take Nova with a focus on her utility which is why I’ll take anti armour shells most of the time

Which actually ties into my thoughts on Nova, as I play her though SNipe is nice for damage in the end I usually find myself focused more on Utility of setting up kills, scouting, the bribe etc etc and considering how Ghosts operate in Starcraft I don’t think this is a bad thing for NOva

Put simply I’d give her a minor reworkthat puts more emphasis on a few support abilities, put her in that same category as Medivah or current tassadar if that makes sense
That way she can be viable WITHOUT having the damage it takes to be oppressive in the QM enviroment

That and Defence drones are OP in Starcraft CO-op and I want them here hehe.

I have always felt that Nova was a nice character from a basic ability standpoint, but the details are what really messes her up and gets in the way of really enjoying a game.

I really think the character is one that, based on how she’s built, she will take advantage of lesser-skilled players very easily, while be on-par-with or susceptible to better-skilled players… And in order to make sure she doesn’t dominate lower levels, they had to nerf her and push her skill ceiling so high only perfect players get the optimum performance out of her.