"i have no problem with longer queue times"


The bane of QM existence lel.


TFW it changes to90 seconds later then 30 seconds later it finds me a match with all the QM rules apply.

This new function makes no sense to me.


Yesterday I waited 500s+ for a match as Ana, when I got into the match it was very unbalanced.
Must add it was around 10:30pm on European servers, which might be less crowded at that time.

Map was:
Garden of Terror

Matchup was:

  • (us) Nazeebo / Ana / Maiev / Kel’Thuzad / Tychus
  • (them) Abathur / Oprhea / Lunara / Valla / Fenix

No tanks or warriors in both teams, and enemy team had Abathur as … support?
Also our team had plenty of hard CC (Maiev, Kel’Thuzad), while they had none at all.

Safe to say we dominated the game.


Yeah. I got in a game the other night, waited 7 minutes. The enemy team had two healers and a varian and we had two specs and not a single healer or tank. I don’t get it. They could have traded out one of the healers from the other side of the queue pool. They weren’t in a party.

It’s broken. They don’t care anymore.

Game is dead.


really? everytime i don’t tank or heal, i end up with all assassin teams