"i have no problem with longer queue times"


I hate people that say that. I do have a problem with longer queue times.

I play QUICK MATCH cuz it is QUICK. I play QUICK MATCH cuz it avoids 6 minutes drafting phase.

I play QUICK MATCH so I can click and play not sit in ranked queue for 5-8mins then another 4-6mines of draft phase.



Quick being Quick what a novel concept.

time to make ARAM guarantee a warrior/healer too AMIRIGHT? lets just smush all the modes into one conformed state.


I don´t want i to be quick, i want to play whatever hero i currently want to play; and with the changes i can now play heroes that require a tank/healer.


They should prob change the name to quick match too Call of the Nexus

so people dont confuse quick with Nexus


I don’t mind longer queue times if it means a better match.

However - the last few games I queued on a healer or tank with the green arrow. I waited in queue until it timed out and put me up against a full premade, whilst in a comp without a warrior.


you can still try a hero out. you just have to play it differently. It doesn’t mean you dont learn or understand what the hero does.


First i know that i can play heroes differently, but i does not work well playing a tank without a healer. Neithera squishy healer/mage without a tank against the flood of Illidans, Tracers and Genjis.

Also i play don´t play QM to learn a hero, but to enjoy playing the hero; i despise draft modes.


You hate me ? :crying_cat_face:

I play support all the time so i Don’t have a problem with queue times :blush:


For supp it is paradise, i got my BW up three levels in short time even though i mostly play Orphea currently.


i play whitemane because i realy like her gameplay :blush:


Whitemane is also nice, but BW has the added bonus of really annyoing Malganis and being able to take camps.


You know Quick Match’s name still holds up since its a draftless mode, being one of the defining reasons of it.


whitemane is cool because i can heal forever everything, and give armor to everyone when we are nuked and win the tf ! And at 20 i give immunity to cc to everyone for 1s but still, already saved a lot of guys with it (exemple orphea ultimate).


…how? I’m seeing endless queues when playing support. Have actually yet to get a game in as Alex due to endless queues (after facing off against 2 premades, I just cancel queue at 450 seconds).


how does quick mean draftless?


because you are cursed :joy_cat:


For me supp/tank queue is around 30% or less of assassin queue, might be a regional thing.


US servers. It might be because I’m new and thus fairly bad. However timing me out and putting me against a premade of high level players may not be the best way to handle it.


Drafting has the (somewhat lengthy) process of drafting heroes, and unless you’re a steadfast jerk, you might not get the hero you want to play as you compromise to better fit the team comp (eg. picking a tank when you team heavily needs one when you’d rather be an assassin). Quick Match allows you to select a hero and hop into queue. That’s it. No need for further input until you get a game.


I have no problem with longer queue times because I don’t get long queue times in the first place.