I am fed up with storm league trolls

I know im just one of many players so me quitting means nothing but still i believe many can understand me.
This evening i played with my buddy some league. In one of the games a guy trolled the enemy team and was afk the whole game. Our whole team reported the guy and i whispered the other players asking what the deal was. He was just a troll. Thats 9 reports he got in one game.
One game later guess what. He was on my team and trolled afk. How isnt there a system to get you insta banned for 9 reports in one game?
This isnt the first time this has happened to me and i ve lost many divisions because of afk and trolls. Out of 3 games played 1 is a win 1 is a loss because other team beat us fair and square, and one is troll loss.


because such a thing could easily be abused. if he keeps AFKing, he will be banned. It probably takes like 30-50 reports in a week or so.

also i highly doubt you are getting an AFKer/troll in 1 out of every 3 games.


Proven and tested by streamers - takes roughly ~30 unique reports in a short time period to automatically silence someone (they must have typed in the chat channel or game you are in), and an unknown amount of afk/nonparticipation reports to suspend someone.

If you could instantly silence or ban people with 9 reports, imagine how hard some famous players would potentially be trolled once recognized in a single match.


I can assure you there are a lot of them in storm league. Any time I start grinding my way back to diamond, NOPE 2-3 games in a row with afk/troll.


You are right… it’s more like every other game


But I bet you dont complain if there is an AFK/troll on the enemy team – you think you are hawt stuff and just destroyed them right?

Think about it, if you get tons of AFK-Trolls, then the enemy team does as well.

i mean to be fair its not a fun game if the enemy team has 1 afk er. As i said i whispered the other team to see what the deal was. There’s no fun in winning a storm league in 7 minutes, 40-2 score because the other players just cant keep up since they are 4. I am happy i got the points but since i lost because of the same player it was even. In reality i just played two useless games, and wasted half an hour of my life for nothing

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