Humorous report system

I won’t resort to a personal attack and call your reply “drivel”, but I will call it naïve and not thought through. I will also point out my reply was directed to what you had posted, which, as it turns out, is off-topic.

Hots does not have a large enough or active player base for what you’re asking for. You’re essentially requesting an avoid player option, the player base is far too small (even EU servers) to enable such a feature. In an ideal word you’re right, you could avoid playing with disruptive players with a push of a button, but are you aware Hots is in maintenance mode? So unless you magically create new players and Hots has more resources for development, your idea isn’t going to happen and isn’t feasible.

I believe that is called confirmation bias, there is nothing in the MM that deliberately matches you with players you’ve reported and/or players that deliberately grief games.

What I have noticed, is unlike when Hots was in its prime 2015-2018, I will now more often be matched with or against the same players in Ranked or QM. In the glory days of Hots, this was a rare occurrence. What this isn’t is the MM deliberately matching you with disruptive players you’ve reported, it’s an MM that has fewer players online in your MMR range to match, so logically you will see these players more often unless Hots has a huge influx of new players.

More “drivel” for you. There is an unofficial “avoid player” option that is available for players. Open a whisper(s) with a player(s) you don’t want to be matched with. Don’t speak, but wait until it says the player is “in game” or “offline” and magic, hit ready, and you won’t be matched with these players in your next game, you’re welcome.

That is a nice ideal, but one that is open to interpretation. No human is a saint, or an angel, or pure, lilly white hands are rare indeed.


Thankfully that’s not true. I’d be in trouble if it was.

It’s an odd thing when you’re blind to the comment above you !

But hey that’s what all ya defenders are , hypocrites who are non interactive to it’s pure form

Edit : Please bother yourself to write an even bigger paragraph next time , just for it to get ignored :slight_smile: remember this the next time you walk in a forum , you reveal your worth on the very first reply and you already know your’s by now


I would def respect this report system more had it actually banned people for inting more than just toxicity + having a forgive feature on ban durations (e.g. not being banned for 1+ years would reduce your ban duration for example)

but whatever , game’s dead dead


My post was already aware of those; something you seem to not consider because you’re not reading things through. It’s odd that you claim that others are hypocritical when you’re not actually informed about something, take pride in that, and then act like you’re knowing what is going on despite the issue involved in someone not reading something to actually know what is there.

But instead, you can blame something else to try to rationalize the ignorance you imposed on yourself. The trouble with this sort of conduct, is that it just creates more problems for you to loop the same behavior, and then keep trying to find something else to blame for it.

You’re calling someone who is open to having a dialogue, explain concepts, tactics, etc that people forgo, and is actually reading what people post as “non interactive”

Since you don’t seem to have noticed, that’s the actual opposite of what you’re trying to claim. When you want to stop lying to yourself, let us know so people can actually be ‘interactive’ with your antisocial qualms.

i sign this! 20char20char

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If you are not good enough to climb out of B5 on your best hero then you not good enough to the rank you claim you belong to.

Im not from B5 but if you have 52% winrate and genius matchmaking (from Blizzard TM 50%winrate patented technology) pairing you with 32% winrate RND potato… tell him how climb… :rofl:

If you have 52% wr in B5, you’re not really good.

The best part is that you don’t even see the inconsistency.


What inconsistency? We all know that Front242 is the only human that plays Heroes of the Storm, everyone else is just a bot designed by Blizzard to quantum-calculate an exact 50% winrate for him. Unfortunately, the bot sucks so he has a 52% winrate, but it’s still incredible proprietary technology.


Im not alone who see this:

You have failed with this game, scrap it

There have been many well articulated posts about why Hots “failed”, but the one you linked to isn’t one of them.


Imagine being stuck in B5 vs bots.


yes not one of them it is first of them… bad matchmaking is the core of all problems!

Then explain to me why some people are stuck in bronze forever while others climb out. Complaining about MM is first sign that you properly cant climb because of various reasons.

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Oh that’s easy; they weren’t born as Fan


Jokes aside though

Let’s not pretend that this game has no issues with it’s match-making despite climbing being very much possible with enough effort applied in the right direction

Even Call of Duty Mobile has a better match-making system than HOTS does

A literal mobile game!


If you said to me that MM in the old QM was a disaster before they updated the roles so at least both teams would be matched for tank/healer, I’d take that onboard.

If you said the old method of using MMR seeded from QM, where players deliberately created new accounts and artificially inflated their MMR, so they could rank into Diamond (I think even Master Rank), then you would have a point.

As others have pointed out, even with these issues people climbed ranks, I started as Silver 5 and climbed into Plat, others were in Bronze and reached Master rank.

I’m not someone who will say to you “Fan can climb from B5, so of course you can too.”, because the majority of us don’t have Fan’s skills.

The counter to your argument is many players, who aren’t celebrity streamers, have shared their experiences solo climbing on the forums. A good place to look is RCW’s Hots Replay Thread.

I remember following Sami’s journey from Silver 1, to Master, or high Diamond, where they mostly played the majority of those matches solo and a great deal of those games were played with Lucio, a hero few people list as an impactful hero to make climbing ranks easier.

RCW’s thread is also a great place to post your replays to receive feedback, most people on these forums are generous and will give you feedback on your performance, without being negative or rude.

I get it and know how bad Bronze is. However, we are in 2023 now, Hots is in stasis, the player base is declining, so naturally the MM will suffer. As much as I think SL is badly designed allowing players to group as any size, and two ranks apart, players are still able to climb. I have a friend who has only been playing for about 12 months, and they climbed from B3 to Gold5 solo. Melke (Battleooze) recently climbed from Silver into Gold, I’m sure he would give you some tips.

My advice to you is just not to worry about your rank at all, very few people even care about what rank you are in Hots, especially now. Try to simply enjoy your matches, or if ranked gets too annoying (It did for me) just quit it and play QM, ARAM, or even vs AI.

Best of luck.

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i dont care about my rank but im unhappy with random 90% teammates…

YOU report afk who has 0 kill 0dmg 0xp and next game genius matchmaking pairing with this … ROLF

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I play ranked, and I get it, this kind of behaviour is really annoying. It’s baffling to me that anyone would queue up, often for five minutes (or longer), with the intention of trolling multiple ranked matches, to me, I can’t understand the appeal of this behaviour.

There is no avoid player option, and the player base isn’t large enough for one. Just report these people for AFK and eventually if enough people do the same, they will be suspended.

The system does work, as I had a friend who was new to Hots, and they received a suspension for “disruptive gameplay” after they were reported for dying too often in ARAM.