How to post picture on forum?


I have a chart in picture format that shows some stats about HOTS’ popularity over the last couple of years. There’s a button on the forum page that says “hyperlink”, so I used it to link to my dropbox document that shows the chart.

But then when I tried to create the topic, it said you can’t post a link. Why is there a button for hyperlinks if I can’t post a message with a link? Anybody know how I can post a working link, or the picture itself?


I’m sorry, but, you can’t


You have to get your Trust Level up to 3


Ah, thanks for that. That is a helpful guide and good explanations.


Seems slightly different for this forum. I’m trust level 2 now, but I think I was able to post pics/vids at level 1. And requirements to reach trust levels appeared to be significantly lower, like I got level 1 without posting a single topic at the time.


You can post links that are whitelisted like Youtube, Twitter, Reddit probably Facebook too and any Blizzard related link.

If you want to upload a picture or embed a pic to a comment you require trust level 3.


Is uploading or embedding directly even a thing here for trust level 3? We don’t even have DMs for a lower trust level.


Must not have been suspended

LOL there goes any possibility of having users level 3 here. Nobody who visits forums that much would also not have time to spam games and eventually a small silence or two.


Cannot confirm, but there should be an additional option somewhere here for trust level 3 users

when hovering over the icon it shows Administrative options , IIRC from Overwatch forums, you can do both, link images directly from other sites, or simply upload them to the comment, I could be wrong.


You can’t place “clickable” links, but you can have a URL that interested readers can copy-paste (example with HotS wiki here):

if you use the “preformatted text” option (or place this character ` on both sides of your text).

Don’t know if “hacking” the no-links rule like that is against the CoC, though.


This has been used for almost 9 months if we put the Overwatch forums into consideration, there was no warning for people using preformatted links as a way to bypass link filter, I think it depends on the site you are linking.


its a hell of a lot of work,
i made a pic last week and went to post it in the art section and then discovered that i can’t,
not even a link!

come to the forum every day for 50 days…
and read 20,000 posts in 100 days.

all to post a pic! :laughing:


Just put around the link ``

And you can post your artwork as long it is suitable to the guidelines.


haha i hadn’t thought about that! good job! :blush:


i would just take that as it is ensuring that the users are sure they want to go to the link by having to copy and paste it vs just click a random link. imo, its a good thing since having random clickable links scattered everywhere could actually pose some sort of threat. however, the user should know that going to a site outside of blizzard in this case means they could be exposing themselves to potentially hazardous material.


Highlight the link and right click on it. There should be an option to follow the link there instead of having to copy and paste it.