How to counter Mal'Ganis?

Well i am a Tank and Bruiser player because i cant trust my team mates about this role. Because i believe just a few players can understand it.
Problem is Mal’Ganis is a strong counter for tanks. Especially “Dark Conversion”. Tru question is how can i counter Dark Conversion myself ?
Except playing Mal'Ganis.

Just save CC for it. There’s some time to react to it but it’s not that hard. You can expect when it is coming, wait until you hear the first sound and CC = malganis dead every single time.

CC and more cc. He is not even that strong of a hero anymore. And his hp swarp ult is mostly a troll ult in the hands of a bad player.

Johanna can “skip” the turtle’s CC with her trait.
Mura and Diablo can constantly CC him with the right builds.
Bruiser: basically every bruiser can counter him, the only problem is if he picks Conversion and you don’t have CC to interrupt it.

Don’t get me wrong, currently at diamond+ from what I see an do, Johanna, ETC, Garrosh and Malganis are the top dogs of the Tanks, but Malganis’ kit is somewhat telegraphed so you can just CC him.

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Save a cooldown or have disables, watch Mal’ganis at low HP.

It’s one of those abilities you have to try to predict.

Generally what people already said in the thread is the most useful advice - pick heroes that have multiple forms of CC that interrupt his Dark Conversion. The idea is that you can use one of your CC’s to still engage and do your job, and save the secondary one specifically for Dark Conversion. Also you’ll have a good tell of when he wants to use it since he will always want to when he’s at low Health, so you usually have a generous window to look for it if you constantly keep it in mind.

Some heroes that are great to interrupt it:

ETC - his Q and W are fast and easily able to knock him out of his channel

Johanna - Her W and Blessed Shield can be used for an interrupt. Her trait can also be used to try to survive if he gets the ult off on her. This is a little more risky/takes more skill as her W is the main form of an interrupt so you have to pre-emptively cast it as he’s getting low.

Diablo - He has his Q and E to interrupt it quickly. He also has various talents that can reduce the cooldowns of these abilities to ensure that you have one of them available when you need it.


Dark conversion has a short range too. So if he’s low on health and you’re a big healthy full HP tank then just start walking away from him and let your long range dmg dealers poke him to death


Is it me or interrupting Mal’Ganis sleep doesn’t put it on cd?

it actually doesn’t lol and that’s ridiculous. he can immediately use it after interruption just like guldan’s horrify ultimate and also booping mal’ganis while he uses carrion swarm ult doesn’t stop it he keeps channeling it even after he get’s booped away hmmm…


If you interrupt it during the short wind up, it does not go on CD, which seriously irritates me. If you interrupt it while he is floating around, it does.

One reason I like Anub’arak into Mal’ganis is he has Impale to stop that sort of nonsense.


The problem with interrupting is while it’s active is that for some heroes, it no longer works since they have to come into contact with him.

I really don’t understand that choice. You time your ability perfectly, and it’s actually MG who’s rewarded.

One thing to note, hitbox interaction is weird, so if you stun him from behind, the stun will go off even if you get slept. For example, if you are playing ETC, try to let him get past you, then Power Slide from his back. Don’t Power Slide right at his face.

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it’s funny how malganis sleep is better than deckard’s ultimate and lower cd than “Stay a while and listen” >_>

Anti-healing, or high damage single target. Alternatively, you can pick armor reduction.

Mal’Ganis can’t out-heal Death, and most of the time interrupting Dark Conversion is incidental. A strong, sustained slow is very useful against him, too.

That’s severe hyperbole and bronze-like talk.
MG has to physically reach each ennemy to make them sleep so you can avoid him with movement speed and dashes when he tries to reach you and slows affect the travel speed.

Dickard’s spell reaches a very large area instantly after a cast and is area denial as long as you didn’t get affected once, meaning if you managed to avoid it but are pushed back /pulled on it you sleep.

Sleep is a very good ability , does not mean dickard’s ult is bad.

If we think like that , what to think about ana’s sleep dart? It has lower cd than sleep and dickard’s ult and can be talented to be even more.
Has long range , more discreet wind-up and totally safe after use because you are neither rooted in place nor do you ever risk being in the middle of the ennemy team using.
Sure it does affect 2 targets but it deals damage even more if talented.


I am mostly irritated by the mechanics behind Dark Conversion. How damage applied or healed after the cast affects the outcome. How damage can be shielded.
It’s super unintuitive.

might I add if he press E and you as dibbles press a non terrain Q the sleeps still works. Be warry of that. Dont make my mistake

Try playing Chen I think he has a say in how to perfectly counter him.

yeah right i forgot that the playerbase understands how to deal with such things. ok~ oh and sorry i forgot how to play the game too Mr.GM-player talk. Mal’ganis can stun you and then sleep you right away so uhm… you’re talking about him being bad starting up with sleep which means everyone would run away from it unless you’re brain afk and stand still to take it

first you spell the hero’s name wrong and kinda inappropriate. and i love how you compare a sleep that you can control to a sleep that you can’t control and must only use it on 1 direction for aoe that people can simply move away from you if they see you had that ult and 16 seconds vs 70 seconds. so you get interrupted after using your sleep = full cd on your “ult” while mal’ganis can move to any direction he want’s to sleep the targets he wishes to sleep and even if interrupted he doesn’t have to wait so long before using it again and he has stuns just in case to stun > sleep > done.

what’s the point of picking deckard’s ult upgrade if you’re playing against someone that’ll always silence you / not allow you to use it? unless you’re talking about vs AI then sure. AI’s won’t play smart at all but hey i guess you’re talking about QM too so… and hold on a second why am i even talking about something that requires skill in a casual game? meh…

Same as Horrify. I don’t understand why interrupting Horrify does not put it on 10s CD, instead it is instantly recastable.

It takes very fast reaction times and skill to interrupt the cast, and there is literally zero reward.