How Many laps of the game board have you done?


Almost 1 I am about 12 spots away I think.


8 and 1/4 Its been fun, I’ve played a wider variety of heroes that I think will help me get my goals

Camp Quests:
Illidan, Greymane and Samuro

Win with 2 tanks
Any tank I haven’t played in a while

Win with any support,
If I HAVE to win Lili if I’m messing around any support

Siege damage,
Azmodan, Zagara, Nazeebo bro bro…

Basic attack Damage
Valla, Raynor, Tycus, Twinblades Winblades varian

Spell Damage
Kealthas, Jaina, Nazeebo bro bro, Mephisto

Valeera, Nova, Zeratul,Zuljin, Mephisto, Samuro


I can’t open any more chests since I’m putting some boosts on layaway.


Basic attack and spell damage quest are such a joke they almost get completed with any hero first try, I played Lunara more as a toxin mage hero than AA and still achieved 35k AA Damage by just clearing minions.


Maltheal also good for that too. :smile:


If you have a friend who has the warrior quest at the same time you have the spell damage quest, Cho’gall can be a ton of fun. Gall can be added to the list of “one and done” heroes for spell damage.


compulsory characters


I just got a unicorn mount finally. I love it. Still hoping to crack a new event skin.


Nearly done with my 4th! Really love this event, so I have been no-life-ing my free time in HotS pretty non-stop. LOL Have been getting lots of legendaries and shards, planning to cash in on as many plushie unicorn mounts as I can before this ends. Also got the Stitches teddy bear skins, but need to make the most out of his Santa outfit for the season first. :blush:


Just one. I’m not masochist to have patience for these tremendous queues, thankfully is fixed now and hopefully never will return.


there is.


2340 shards with my other region account… Just finished running a 1 day boost through… 60 more till I can finally end this pain…

Edit: And now I have 2400 shards! Which to get Cuddle Bear Stitches or Snuggle Bear Stitches :thinking:


10th lap, never pvp… I have one (sometimes two) friends who will pop on and grind a little with me, but for the most part, its been solo AI while working up those low level characters for even more boxes.
Personally it is worth it to me because all my fun-money was drained for the holidays and its nice to see i can get some of the “expensive” skins/mounts with a little bit of RNG and gold (for re-rolls)!


Im on my 44th lap. But I only play VS AI so its EZ mode.


Think I am about done with my third. I would probably have more under the belt but every time the mercenary one crops up I lose interest before finishing it by accident.


Mercs are easy just go with Nova on VS AI Co-op or something and use bribe whenever possible, not only will camps spawn faster but it also ensures that you get credit for the camp. The best map to complete this quickly FYI is Black Hearts Bay since the dubloon camps count as a merc camp.


Apparently it stops at 50th lap.

Good luck.

  1. Can’t progress when matchmaking is so broken and nearly every game is an autoloss.


So, you no longer playing the game. And yet you still troll in the forum. Wow, that’s rich.


Done all except the healer and warrior quests as Sylv, most of the time MVP.