HotS Storm league randomly drops like 400 points

issue with ranked play in heros of the storm.

i play ranked and i was placed in bronze 5

(wich sucks because i play at a higher level but cant advance much if im in a situation were the team just doesnt play well no matter how good i am and i still loose. would be nice to be able to reset placement matches but thats another issue.)

anyway, i would rank up and then out of no were, doesnt matter if i win or loose, it would drip my rank like 400 points. like its another division or something.

this happend a few times, it feels like i would get a good rank and then it makes mere do it till i catch up to the original higher rank and then if i surpass that after a while it will drop me again.

for example i got into bronze 4 and i was going back and forth between 4 and 5 cause of some bad matches, but i was like 1 game away from bronze 4, then i lost one match (-93 points) and it dropped me down like 400 points in storm league.

this is really frusterating and idk whats going on.

i hope theres a way you guys can look at my account and see my ranking points or something. theres no way i should loose a match in bronze 4 and be demoted to 5 and loose 400 ish points.

Look out for +50 after the next match.
If it’s there, it is because of a disconnection penalty, which can be recuperated.
If it’s not, it is either denied for repeat offenses, or some other reason.

Some people abuse match results so it is possible to drop from a match after having it done. In their case, they achieve stellar winrates, for science I suppose, since it’s clearly a lie.

theres no plus 50 or anything. i literly dropped like 400 points doe no reson, and this happend even when i won. sometimes i would gain like a bunch of points, its like i have to versons of a placement and it just flipflops