HoTs has one of the most toxic communities

Not much else to say. I haven’t seen such toxicity since Heroes of Newerth Beta or well… League as well.

I guess MOBAs have a serious issue.


Heroes of the storm has a large issue with people who are uneducated when it comes to the game while also thinking they are very good at the game. This makes up for a rather weird/toxic community that will scream at you/report you for the slighest piece of advice given, probably even for wearing a skin tint they dont like. :slight_smile:


League of Legends.

mic drop


Hey I see that you are new and it’s ok but can you not dive the enemy team 1v5…

Honestly I believe the toxic behavior is caused from MM as a whole putting new players with experienced ones while not allowing carrying in the traditional sense.
Along with the fact MOBA’s are not causal games but HOTS has a majority casual player base.

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Yes. A lot of it indeed comes from the MM system blizzard is using. In fact having a high mmr, will only hurt you in URD and QM since you will get worse team mates while getting “average” enemies a lot of the time. Then this boils into ranked because with a system like this a lot of players got a random mmr that, in earlier seasons, translated directly into ranked. That’s why some games doesnt feel fair in ranked, even thou they should be rather close. That and smurfs if you play TL. :slight_smile: Sadly the only fix is a MMR reset, which is so rough on the allrdy low playerbase that blizzard cant afford it.


As someone who has played both Dota2 and LoL and abandoned them both for Hots since Hots is just better game-play wise (No item bulls##t, no last hit bulls##t, more maps, heroes that feels more fun and better to play + more focus on team effort ant not just the “ME ME ME MY LAST HIT MY KILL MY GOLD MY XP!”) - I can attest to that the Hots community is indeed toxic but it’s got NOTHING. And I mean NOTHING on Dota2 and LoL, those games are miles beyond repair and into a broken hell hole of toxic. Hots in comparison is just a light summer trip at the moment.


Oh man I completely forgot about this when I started LoL long ago, but that hit the mark of bringing back bad memories. :joy:

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Played a game last night where my teammate started the game with, and I quote:

“After Level 10, LiLi dies first, or don’t bother leaving spawn.”

We lost for unrelated reasons, and he said:

“Should have killed LiLi first. L2P, THX.”

lol :rofl:


I played dota and HoN and those were by far worse than hots. Kill stealing, last hitting, people raging who fill chickens with items then intentionally run them at enemy towers etc it was way way worse

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I’ve seen FAR worse. Just among MOBAs HOTS is incredibly chill. But MOBA communities are a cancer.
It’s really nothing special among other competitive games.
Natural Selection 2 and L4D versus were/are both nastier.
Evolve was pretty nasty for the few months before the game’s death.

And that’s not touching the old school games, the ones before things like mutes, bans, or report systems.


At least this game doesn’t have global chat.

Tthe only toxicity I see in hots, is childish people who are either arrogant and/or ignorant, flaming others because they are displacing their anger and can’t be held accountable for the fact this is a team game and you have to be a team player and have skills, like critical thinking, communication, not to be confused with short statements that are inflammatory, and/or nonsensical, with no followup reasoning, or expecting the teammates to read your mind while you don’t call moves then getting angry that these people aren’t playing the way you want them to… Then like already said, dota and league of legends/lol, gta5, cod, just about every game that has an online presence, has an area where these individuals “live” and flame, sometimes its really just children and not older people that acat like children. Then you have the rest of us who are trying to learn, have fun, get better and play with friends, and just wish ppl would call shots, communicate, listen, and try to think about others while playing. This is by far the LEAST toxic community I’ve joined.
Have you not seen Not paradox, kala, watch chris play, and countless others, including heroeshearth content? Ironically just creating this thread with that title, is toxic; it just contributes to that negativity potentially.
I’m relieved like minded individuals took the time to reply and negate the tone of the thread.


BECAUSE we are tired of playing with " im just trying to have fun " bads queing up.


if you let lili stay alive after lvl 10, you might as well afk in the nexus because you’re going to lose.

Yes player education is a huge if not the biggest problem.

The rest is the fact that the game has had the same issues (at least since I started 2 years ago) that have only exacerbated over time. Namely - Matchmaking, the Ranked and Quickmatch experiences, and the Silence system.

If Ranked is basically rainbow league in terms of skill level with no concrete mechanisms to hone player rank and MMR (namely a PRA and placement system that actually works), how is that mode supposed to be competitive?

If Quickmatch is constantly creating imbalanced teams with a similar skill disparity, how is that supposed to be fun for a new player? Or a vetaran? Just today I have played games with 3 spec vs 0 spec, 2 stealth vs 0 stealth, followed by a 3 warrior game.

And if you can get silenced just by sheer volume of reports by playing the “wrong” hero in hero league, how is that a fair system? Why should I be able to report any one at any time for any reason as many times as I wish?

The best way to enjoy this game is to not take it seriously whatsoever, just play it as the candy crush of MOBA games. The toxicity comes from the players who actually try to take this game seriously and have to deal with all of the above issues (and more). Not to mention the plethora of valid feedback provided by the player base that has historically been ignored by the HOTS team.


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Remove the space. Diving the healer(probably unsuccessfully, assuming their positioning is good) isn’t worth it if it gets you killed.

Regardless, it’s a pretty negative way to start a match. Say something positive or nothing at all.

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Only accurate thing you posted.


Naw. You should be more objective.

The problem lies with MOBAs in general. When you have an expectation of the players you are playing with to know basic “Dos and Don’ts” of the game and you are put on a team where players look like they have never played before, it is going to get annoying. Blizzard only makes this worse by rewarding people who play ranked, they should give all this free stuff away in QM to get more people to play that, and just let the reward for rank be getting a rank. I can carry games with people who know the game or are willing to listen to shot calls, I cannot carry a game where a player goes solo 1 v 5 and dies with a 60 sec death counter right before the objective.


actually for the past couple of months its actually gotten better. I see trolls every now and then but it is no were near as bad now. I haven’t been dealing with trolls or toxic players for about two months now. In QM people just don’t talk but when they do we usually just have random conversations about the match same thing goes with draft.