Hotfix Patch Notes - December 4, 2019

We’ve released a hotfix today to address a bug below.


  • Fixed a bug with shaders that was causing crashes to occur.

Thanks, I am glad I won’t see that bug in EU.


ohh…I really hoped this was taking xp globes out.


Had my hopes up for a 130 MB hotfix, but only one bug was fixed. :frowning:

Are we going to have that patch applied the 6 for us EU plebs?

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LOL imagine being in the US.

eh, I would rather be playing the new patch instead of having to wait two more days…

sure, they get the “beta”, but at least they get to play at all.

Dw, you’re not going to see the rest of the patch either.

2 more days till he’s in EU?

ok that’s nice, but when are we finally getting deathwing? Been staying up all night for this and I’m pretty pissed off, because I have to decide whether or not I go to sleep now or pull an all nighter with school being tomorrow

yeah it’s weird that we didn’t get it yet. looks like there’s something beside this “bug” which was fixed delaying the new patch for EU

Where’s our patch, Blizzard? Where is our Death Dragon, Blizzard? I’ve been waiting all night for this please dont be this disappointing

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I wouldn’t mind at this point if they took their time to deliver a proper update. Users are reporting crashes and significant FPS drops (either servers or xp orb graphics) with the patch on all sides.

ever since the recent patch with all the new skins (the new event) I have had severe FPS drops on a very capable PC. Usually got around 200 FPS, but after the patch that’s cut in half. Most the game, it’s fine but in big teamfights it can drop to 40 on Ultra, so i’ve been playing on lower graphics settings ever since. Graphics driver is up to date and so is windows.

i7 4.2ghz intel processor
8GB AMD 570 Graphics card
16GB Corsair RAM


happened to be a faulty power supply (thermaltake)