Hot take: Tanks are more important than Healers in ARAM

I’ve won games no healer vs. healer, and lost the vice versa. It’s tricky, but if it’s like, a Tyrande that can’t attack very often vs. an Azmodan, I’ll pick the Azmo because the value from that top tier is way higher than very low heals.

However, that cannot be stated for frontliners. If the enemy team has, say, a Diablo or even a Mal’Ganis and the best frontline/peel you have is a Rexxar, you are doomed to a loss. Being able to say, soak Li-Ming Orbs, or stun reckless dive from the other team is essential to actually sway the win from one side to the other.

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might have a better ‘hot take’ if you’re going off a healer that can actually heal outside of combat instead of one that suffers in aram.


Other hot take. Yrel is good in aram because shes a healer who isnt matched against another healer.


See you say that until you’re the schmuk stuck on tank without a healer behind you.


I’ve been the schmuck stuck without a healer–and I’ve won against teams who had healers. Yes, it’s an uphill battle, but trying to win no-frontline vs. frontline games is like trying to scale a 20 mile Rock Climbing Gym with 35 pounds of ketamine strapped to your rear.

You’re not specifying that you were the poor one stuck without a healer

and more importantly acknowledged what a crappy experience it is trying to tank without a healer of some variety


I mean…

This is your take. It seems like this to you.
No one can argue with that. To me? It feels the other way around.

Now let’s try to create some facts:

  • Sustain is the biggest issue in Aram
  • Engage is less important in Aram, the better poke wins. Tanks are useless against poke, especially without Healers
  • Barely any Hero who can act like a healer. Many Heroes (Bruisers for starters) who can act like a tank (especially when supported)

So to me it seems that the job of Tanks (like: engage, dmg soak) is less important/useful in Aram, while Heals are more important.
Thus, Healers before Tanks.


Laughs in Muradin

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That’s one of maybe two exceptions who can do enough self healing for it to not be a painful expereince

Is the other Johanna? Personally I’m not concerned if I have to play Jo Jo sans healer in ARAM. She has arguably too many defensive and sustain tools at her disposal.

Jo of course, and I can see someone (not me personally) but I can see the argument for ETC

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The game is forcing toxicity by leaving the trolls the chance to not go for support. Trolls don’t care about yellow boxes, which are there for a reason.

And yes I’m aware that you can still win the game, but especially lategame without a support is just super hard. The class is basically broken in DRAFTRAM

while he does have out of combat sustain (or at least he doesnt need to attack heroes for heals). the armor nerf hurts his ability to withstand poke. Where he shines is — like yrel imo — bringing heal/buffs to the whole team when the other side might not have a similar pick. His slide-over-walls talent can help him punish the flank, so he has better tank-mia threat zone to curb some of the enemy poke potential.

Stitches and Diablo can talent for enough sustain to go healerless; stitches can outright punish isolated poke while diablo can get heals from range while also being a threat across terrain.

Arthas can get ooc healing, so he could try, his bigger hangup is counter-engage (eg garrosh throw) and not being able to get out. So if th other side is a bruiser frontline (like yrel, hogger, dehaka) then he can shake off poke damage as the game progresses, but it is talent-dependent.

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Hot take: Support Tassadar is rent free on my mind


Hi Doc, I hope all is well as it can be with you.

Kara told me this Gif is the appropriate reply to any Tassadar comments you make.

As a very old Tass support main, I too miss him. As I’ve said to you before, I so wish you had played Hots at Launch when Tass could function as solo support/healer for an entire team. Bubbles for everyone, bubbles for buildings, bubbles for mercenaries, those were the days!


I miss bubbles on Buildings :frowning:

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I miss the time when Zag could worm up anywere on the map without creep as long you can vision of the area. Or when steath heroes did not get hard countered by a vision spell towers got in Warcraft. Its easy to figure out that spell was a direct nerf to stealthers and a huge buff to Aba.

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