Heroes of the Storm: WP and Funny Moments #274


4:16. Melke will dream about this tonight.


My Highlight of this Video starts at 2:21 :relaxed:

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I liked that one too. But I still wonder how Azmo could squeeze him out from zombie wall.

Maybe he managed to steal Chen’s Keg and got elusive brawler?

It’s impressive play, I had thought perhaps it was Melke in the video!


I like how everyone just associate any Qhira content with Melke :joy:


I knew that Qhira at 4:16 was gonna do something epic when I realized she was using the base skin

and yes, I can admit it I felt things when watching that clip :heart_eyes:


The Qhira stuff was nice, but what the heck was up with the morales in the clip?

She doesn’t heal at ALL during the entire fight and just walks into melee range of Qhira.

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Panic? I don’t know consiering the Qhira went what looks like Bleed Build with Swing Life Away I’m willing to bet this happened fairly low on the ladder.

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This from the last vid tho @ 1:00.

Maybe one day we will get to see him in action.


Of course we do because Melke is a chad.


In their defense, they have a considerable amount of Spell Damage with Maiev, Zeratul, and Lunara (who most likely went choking pollen) so SLA isn’t the worst thing.

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and it looks like the only cleanse they have is Maiev’s leap so she got away with staying attached

The bigger sin was the bleed build, there’s a reason it’s winrate is below 30% in Platnium Plus

Any build with an Abby hat is a good build!

Poor Sylvanas. She didn’t deserve that.

There is always that one idiot who dont repect a 1v1 or walk in and get a cheap kill on you after you owned 3 of his teammates.


I just took a closer look
She wasn’t swapping to the DPS like she should have if she was faster but she had a beam on Malganis the whole time until Qhira silenced her.

You need to have your eyes examined or something.

There is no healing beam, Mal’ganis is not getting healed by anything external aside from the level 20 Safeguard talent that heals if under 50% when it ends and Morales doesn’t lose a single energy at any time in the video.

All she does is use Safeguard on Mal’ganis and die.

… Just what were you looking at…?

I’m really curious how you arrived to the conclusion that she was healing after ‘taking a closer look’