Heroes of the Storm Reddit AMA Schedule

Actually, you can just easily make a new account to circumvent the ban.

You’ll have 24 hours or so before that time to post questions?

Now, you won’t be able to follow up, which is annoying, but the “pre-asking” of questions makes the timezone matter a lot less.

Regardless, given Blizzard is based in California, which is about 7-9 hours behind where Europe is (depending where in Europe) if memory serves, that means you’ll rarely get good times.

The Heroes AI is still too glitchy. I’m trying my best to play through it (forcing myself to play with a smile), but it’s becoming a little frustrating. Watching my games versus the AI turning into losses because my AI teammates aren’t working properly when I ping them.

I hope it can be fixed soon. I’ve been patient for several weeks now. I had to play five or six games, instead of three today, because my daily quest is to win three games and they turn into losses because the Heroes AI. But because the AI is way off I’m losing games because my AI teammates are bouncing around all over the place rather than helping me or following me.

Since I started playing Heroes of the Storm back in November I fell in love with this game. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars already and I plan to spend a lot more in the future on this game. I haven’t missed one daily quest. But ever since the Heroes AI bug (not working right), I’ve been struggling to win games. I’m not having as much fun anymore.

I may not do my daily quest tomorrow. It will be the first day of not playing Heroes of the Storm since I started playing this wonderful game. It’s probably just my frustrations talking (heat of the moment) but that’s how I feel right now. All I do is play against the AI and between my AI teammates and the AI opponents, it’s becoming hard to play right now.

I want this game to be fun to play again just like it was before this Heroes AI bug started to occur. Which is now running on four weeks straight. Prior to that this game made me smile and feel good. Now it’s just become frustrating and I’m pulling my hair out and banging my keyboard.

So today is the AMA, right? Anyone have a summary of what Blizz said? (I don’t do Reddit.)

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Ranked changes -> combine HL, TL is coming next patch as a pre-season, while they work to tweak it and introduce it fully for the next season.

MMR instead of RANK -> still in the works. still some backlash internally

HL/TL smurfing -> rank difference limited to 2 ranks, groups of 5 are unlimited but any player with greater than 2 ranks difference will not be counted for MMR calculations

Role changes -> yes, and can show preferred roles in draft modes


What a waste of an AMA.

Every AMA with Blizzard is a waste of time. They have to speak with work which is done and not with words. Until then no money from me. That’s the way you thread Blizzard in 2019.

Because Trash players didn’t use reddit mostly

Just wanna throw out that there’s a lot of people who dislike Reddit’s forum layout post here.

Does that mean you don’t read these forums?