Are bliz reading their own forums?

As the post topics says. Are bliz reading their own forums?

I see topics like:

I’m just wondering because I keep posting on these forums but wondering if I should just be posting in reddit. I used to post a fair bit when playing wow but haven’t seen a blue post in some time

Does this question occur only when there’s a lack of response from Devs for certain topic here?

We really don’t know, but we do know that they seem to know this forum exists if they post these topics here.

Maybe yes, maybe not.
They post “more” on reddit, what doesnt mean they post “a lot” or “frequently” on reddit.
Just stop looking for attention and you will stop caring.

I don’t care about attention. I am wondering if I should be posting on reddit instead of here. Bliz forums used to be the place to discuss bliz games but if they post more on reddit then it would seems as posting here a waste of time


They read both, just post where you want.

And like MortalWombat said, they rarely answer anything on reddit, just like here. If you look at their profiles, you’ll see 90% of them only answer on AMAs.

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Forums are more than getting answers from developers on different topics, while I understand they need to be active here, forums are also a community page for game related discussions same comes to these subreddits.

If you want, you can post on both, or just Reddit if you want some developer interactions.

As I said - “more” =/= “often”. Except AMAs, which imo are not the same thing, they dont really post much on reddit too, if at all.

(they posted more stickys on this forum in last year that made random posts on reddit lol)

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