Heroes of the Storm Reddit AMA Schedule - Summer 2019

Greetings Heroes!

Want to be able to ask the devs working on Heroes of the Storm your burning questions about recent content updates? Your chance is coming soon! Below is a schedule of some upcoming AMA’s the Heroes of the Storm team will be holding in the coming months:

  • Thursday, June 20th 10:00 am – 12 noon PDT* - Hero Rework, Balance and Art
  • Thursday, July 18th 10:00 am – 12 noon PDT*
  • Thursday, August 8th 10:00 am – 12 noon PDT*

We will post the threads a couple days in advance to gather questions ahead of the AMA, so keep an eye out and be sure to get your questions in!

Please note, since we’re planning these early, we aren’t sharing the focus of each AMA just yet as we can’t share all our plans yet!

As always, keep your feedback coming and we look forward to discussing all things Heroes of the Storm in our next upcoming AMA!


The Heroes of the Storm Team

  • Times and dates are tentative and may change; we’ll update this post if any dates or times are changed.

Can’t wait to ask how Tassadar’s rework is going on.


This might be the one AMA I’ll make a Reddit account for.

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You’re asking for trouble. Once you reddit you’ll always Reddit

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It’s pretty disappointing that the AMAs are happening on Reddit instead of the official forums.



if i keep pestering them about valeera every AMA maybe they will buff fatal finesse by 1 damage or something.


Hmm, is this a typo or accidental fast copy paste.

Edit: Nevermind its June and July.

Also I’ll surely give this thread a bite if I have a question.

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June and july
a month apart

man i feel dumb

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You did catch me - it should have been July 18th. June 20th is the correct date though! (I know y’all are fast but maaaaaaaaan!)


All good, at least you noticed it! :smile:



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Sami you are legend!


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For like the 1000th time, reddit is better at AMA’s because Question can be a sub thread within the main thread. Its basically cleaner and easier to read and easier for the devs to answer in.


i bet you I will ask the same question as always about the report system and I will be ignored because it is something they do not want to admit

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Make an AMA subforum. Problem solved.

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Guess that makes sense. However, they can do a live update on important issues being discussed there over here. In previous AMA, the one that summarized the sessions are always the forum user. Not the devs/mods.

It makes the forum look like a 3rd party site instead of the official place to announce the future direction of the game.