Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - November 30, 2021

Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - November 30, 2021

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until December 6, PST.

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Yay for the classic team finally putting out new content :smiley: Thank you

Even if it’s just a Rehgar rework & bug fixes… Better than nothing.


As a heal main, this patch/Rehgar rework is very welcome.

Purge surely must be the best cleanse in the game now, no?

And I agree it’s not much but better than complete radio silence!


Lunara sent back to the past :sob:


I haven’t read through all of it but

  • Additional Functionality: Healing Wells are now invulnerable, and are destroyed when their nearby Fort or Keep are destroyed.
    LOL OMG! This is too funny My friend is going to be sadge…he loves taking out wells on Genji

Not gonna lie, I expected more since they even bothered to make a new banner for this patch but beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Thanks for reworking the green gladiator.

Their resources being limited, it’s still more than what Starcraft 2 would get.


PTR servers are still down.

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With the exception of HIgh Five on Lucio which also grants move speed and only has a 20 second CD

And I think Li Li’s might still be a contender given how it interacts iwth her trait for CDR not sure on that one.

GThis is the best change here, I always hated how easy it was to cheese the fountain on Dragonshire and then screw over your enemy solo laner.

Hey, you say that like only angry LOL players like this change, I like it!


I’m fine with the change, I just know Tooton will say “it’s not enough.” Maybe I’ll be wrong. :sweat_smile:

Also I never would have expected the Probius changes. Shame about no new hero but we can’t have it all.


Fair enough Minky

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna write out my full thoughts on this patch, which spoiler, I really like for a number of reasons (and yes a part of it involves bias)


The thing that sticks out to me the most in this patch is how a lot of support style characters are getting buffed, Rehgar getting move speed powers now, Zarya seeing buffs, Tyrane as well seeing some buffs as well things like that.

Combined with the fact they’ve once again taken that filthy fearie dragon down a peg or two, well. With these series of buffs and nerfs I have a feeling that will also be an indirect buff to dive compositions as a whole and we might see several heroes like Zeratul, Tracer, Qhira etc see maybe a slight uptick as a result.


10sec CD cleanse on rehgar got me hyped.

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Not seen of any Abathur or Nova changes in this year, however I thanks to Jaina for some tweaks, also some of Bug Fixes for Valeera, Whitemane, and Yrel, I see that next year Abathur and Nova would finally revamped.

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No he wont surrender before forts are like LOL buildings that 4 shot heroes.

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There are two talents that deal with purges CD, unless it’s well over 100 seconds long it might dethrone Lili since you can use it offensively as well. Not going to lie, I’m a little jelly…get me some bread!

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Also RIP healing well sniping. Now you cant well hunt.
And ofc more BW nerfs to both her Z and friend ult upgrade. .

Guess having perma stealth was too good even for a late game talent lol.


This is indeed why Rehgar’s new ability is better than Lili. For two reasons: A) baseline and B) 80% slow isn’t sth. you can ignore. That’s quite scary, if you used right, especially with Stiches or Garrosh after pulling one.

But still sad no Nova or Butcher in the patch, especialy they have a banner with The Butcher in it. But nevermind thanks for the patch, devs!


I get why poor Brightwing is being targeted for nerfs, I hope though this is enough. On the more positive side I’m so pleased they finally made Swift Sweep baseline for Auriel.


Rehgar’s Earthliving Weapon at level 4 little crazy in my opinion. Less value than a healing totem but your team isn’t anchored to an object which dies to a single hit. Slightly insane together with Tidal Waves at 13.

Baseline mana return from Lightning Shield is at half of the talent value, but could still drastically increase his longevity. Purge with talent seems slightly overtuned, especially in combination with Earthgrasp Totem. Too much utility with much improved control over mana pool.

30% faster Frostbolt for Jaina was completely unnecessary as she has already has a very flexible and healthy talent tree, and I’m completely mixed about Junkrat’s trap change. It’s literally the one thing which makes the hero work. I prefer control over my opponents, otherwise I pick any other ranged hero that can safely poke at them. This kind of ruins him for me.

As for Probius, Rifts exploding upon expiration greatly helps against taking poke damage. Cannons being summonable without the energy field is great for vision control, and now they also prioritize heroes, as do do overcharged Pylons. Doesn’t contribute much for his team fighting capability, but only makes him more obnoxious if your team gets slightly distracted and isn’t around to contest him.

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Not exactly. They simply merged the HP pools of the well + building into the building’s HP, since the wells are no longer attackable. Someone wanting to clear everything in that lane still needs to do the same amount of raw damage total.