Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Patch Notes - May 11, 2022

Greetings Heroes!

The Heroes team has released a quick update to address a few long-standing issues that have been present in the game.

We want to thank our passionate community for bringing awareness to these issues. See you in the Nexus!

-The Heroes of the Storm Team



  • Fixed a few tooltip descriptions in Italian language.


  • Hanzo’s Scatter Shot now ricochets as intended from all sides in Alterac Pass.
  • Hogger and Maraudin’ Muradin’s voice over now properly play when locked in for Quick Match.
  • Sylvanas’ Wailing Arrow with Deafening Blast is now effective as the graphical indicator radius shows.
  • Sylvanas’ Overwhelming Affliction is now properly applied to a secondary target getting 3 stacks from the Withering Fire applying stacks from Remorseless.


  • Update the description for the 6 Year Anniversary Spray.
  • The 6.5 Year Banner is now properly awarded along with other 6 Year Anniversary rewards.
  • The Battle Ready Li-Ming Spray is now properly functioning in game when equipped in a hero’s loadout.
  • Desert Adept Shaman Rehgar Skin now properly shows in game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Classic 2021 Emoji pack is not showing properly.

I’m so sorry but is this a fever dream or we just getting patches frequently all of a sudden.

Absolutely blessed :pray: they fixed those bugs. :100:

this is great, keep em coming


Next, please bring in the Maskless Overwatch Cosplay skins - they’re right there! :grinning:


so they fixed a bug that was in here for years, wow.


Please add some events into this game again. It has a big enough player base as you can see since the time for matchmaking is super fast.

But it seems the game is a bit left to die by blizzard


  • Fixed a few tooltip descriptions in Italian language.

At long last! My patriotic fervor got rewarded! XD


Edit: Actually Raynor’s “Veteran Marksman” is still wrong, got the 15% and 0,75% reversed. Close enough tho, the others are fine.


You fix all those bugs just to add a new one. Allready tried to que for qm twice now but gets thrown out of que again and gets a error message.


Wonderful work, Devs!

Next, may we have properly healing for Gul’dan for his level 7 “Hunger for Power?”

This is outlined here in this video. The video will play at the mark for Gul’dan:

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Very nice to see another batch of long standing bugs being fixed. Also glad we can finally use the epic 6.5 Years banner, imo one of the best ones in the game.
Hope that more of the remaining bugs will be adressed soon.


its plz just rotate the chest based on the time of the year

137mb update walks into a bar

Good afternoon, a big request to correct the non-working talent of Rehgar (w) at the 16th leveling level, (w) - the shield should be duplicated on Rehgar, but without improvements from talents, and the shield is not duplicated. That is, there is no Animation of the duplicate shield, and there are no effects that it gives ( no damage). Thank you in advance for your help, the talent does not work for the same 2 patches in a row. Have a nice day and easy work =)…

‘Cast W on ally, Rehgar gets W also’ one? Wasn’t that removed long time ago? Either you’re reading really old Rehgar guides, or you’re a very old returning player (in which case, welcome back!).

Read the tooltip of the talent. Duplicate Lightning Shield talent no longer exists.

alas, but this is a description of a talent at level 16, I thought since the description of the old software and nerf Rehgara was not.__))) Maybe it’s just me))) Thanks …

I have it written in the description “The Rehgar shield, when hiding an ally, applies the same effect to Rehgar, but without taking into account talents … and then as usual”

Again, that’s an old talent. It was moved to level 1 than removed completely around 2016 according to my quick search.

Current level 16 W talent is this,

I have it written in the description " The Rehgar Shield, when hiding an ally, applies the same effect to Rehgar, but without taking into account talents … and then, as usual, Every time the Lighting Shield deals damage to an enemy hero, its damage increases by 10%. It is summed up to 15 times.

Passive: Increases the duration of the Lightning Shield by 3 seconds. And I have it written so))

Was the text/tooltip like that before? I think it’s a mistype in the Slavic version, which I assume is the one you’re playing on. That text, tooltip, effect has been gone for years now. It’s not a bug to not have the duplicate effect, it’s not supposed to have it in current version. Dev/person who was in charge of Slavic translation/typing must’ve made a mistake.

Yes, probably. Thank you for clarifying the situation