Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Patch Notes - April 27, 2022


We’ve released a hotfix today to address bugs below.



  • The Shaman of the Earthen Ring and Lord of the Clans portraits for Thrall are available after purchase.
  • The Dark Lady Sylvanas portrait is granted and can be equipped after purchasing with Shards.
  • Leoric’s Phantom mount is now available in Collections
  • The Classic Xul portrait is now available in Collections.

Alterac Pass

  • The prisoner can no longer be moved out of the cage by using Hogger’s Loot Hoard.

Is the year supposed to be 2022? or did I go back in time?

Collection also currently has a bug where that some of the Hearthstone items are missing - I’ve completed my collection of all non-progression portraits, and the Hearthstone section seems to be both incomplete and complete - showing only unowned, there’s no items, but the progress bar for how complete the collection is showing as incomplete.

I’d include a picture to show what I mean, but the forum doesn’t seem to allow linking of outside images.


Oh yay; it says 2022 now instead of 2020

phantom mount is still not available this patch notes is a fake only the portraits are back

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You can post a link in single quotes (`), and someone with image privileges can post the image for you.

Wow, I logged into my account and can finally equip the mount. After so many years! Thank you!

Now fix me getting the same afk 4 games in a row

This hotfix gave me some hope that the game would still be around for the 7th anniversary, which is in 2 months aprox.


Can you fix Shaman Adept Rehgar skin, some of them doesn’t show up when selected in-game instead revert to the shadow version.

It is back for me, so long as u earned it during the event should hopefully be there. If u didn’t earn it, its not purchasable an u wont see it.

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Add new hero please: my wish Lady Liadrin or Vaneesa Vancleef. Thank you i hope work on HOTS be one day revived :slight_smile:

ohh i didnt know that sorry for the confusion