Heroes of the Storm Content Update - December 21


One question and i would love to hear answer: yes or no.
Is it possible to bring in the in-game tournaments like 5 men playing to achieve KING OF SKY TEMPLE or KING OF BOE?


Please look at the New Player Que. The onboarding process involves a trial of will and determination as they sit through a que lasting up to 20 minutes at times. Loosen some rules so that they can actually get some matches in and maybe stick around.


It’s been pretty hard for me to stay interested in the game after the HGC announcement. Streams of pro players, casters and dedicated Heroes of the Storm streamers have all been to the same tune: “We need to find another main game.”

This is a huge change that came about at the word of a higher up it sounds like, with little to no warning to the Heroes team. Who’s to say that next year the game won’t be completely sunset when one of these hidden projects in development gets announced.

I’ve since been trying League of Legends. I don’t find it nearly as fun as Heroes but at least I have the peace of mind that LoL isn’t leaving anytime soon.


This is great news. Thanks for the update and looking forward to these changes. Having the option to directly buy skin again is a nice little touch to add and. And thanks for continuing to update the community and for the dev teams hard work!


This was way better during beta in my opinion but I heard Heroes was killed off and thats very good news that its not. I have 4k games so I’ve played it a bit. Extremely happy that the heroes team didn’t drop the ball like the Diablo or Warcraft team…heard Overwatch isn’t very good now either. Keep this game going though… might have to push to 5k games (:


I have just a one wish (because it’s my b-day today… well, nevermind) - do NOT abandon us. Communicate with us, we’re not your enemies, we just want to know what’s going on and why. At least not for the next two/three/four* years.
*I’m not sure how many games I’m gonna play, but I’m hoping that I will reach 20 000.

Joking aside - I hope we’ll see the real HOTS from 2015-2016 years where we were able to buy everything for some gold, not just for these stupid lootboxes containing X amount of Y shards but you’ve had to buy more of these lootboxes because sometimes you’ve got less shards than you should get.

One more question - are we still going to receive “the new hero” every 1-2 months? And - are you going to let us test this “new hero” for some time (just like on the PTR, but 1-2 weeks longer) then apply some changes you’ve gathered from us and then release them? I’m asking because… NOT ALL but most of the new heroes released in the past were… not-so-much balanced. Some of them were overpowered, some of them were underpowered, some of them were “okay” but we’ve had more OP heroes than UP and “okay”.

Also one more question - do we know how much people are working in the HOTS team right now? I know we can just subtract 4 from X, but the result will still give us X… or Y. I’m weak in maths. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Way to communicate with the community and keep us updated very much appreciated.
I love this game i will always continue to play and support it as long as you guys do.
Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the update!

I’m most excited to purchase skins/banners with gold. I play casually, and really enjoy just a small handful of heroes, so purchasing new ones isn’t that important to me. Since you’re asking, I’d like more skins, banners, and stickers!

Definitely looking forward to spending my gold on something other than loot box rerolls. :slight_smile:


Any response to all of the pro players, coaches, shout casters, organizers and other competitive folks who you’ve destroyed the careers of or is the official blizzard response just a big screw you?


"please be valiant with us as we take some time to evaluate our new approach to all the exciting things we want to do."

Valiant??? Valiant = Valor. Valor = Imperius! IMPERIUS CONFIRMED!! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN BOYS!!



KevinBacon, I too wish to see Mac optimizations. In the mean time, make sure you try the vsync off trick, which I describe here: Vsync still forced on


Not blizzards fault they based they’re whole career on a video game lmao.


Happy cake day =] and since this post must be 20 characters or more, enjoy some text! l;gjs;ldfgjl;sdkfgj;lsdfgldksfg


Thank you for updating us about the future of our favourite Heroes! Id love to see more new awesome heroes!!!


So we can all admit, that the growing tend is the game is dying. I hate this, of all the mobas HOTS is my favorite but my current frustrations have really pushed me away from the game. 1) getting over the top busted new heros, I understand you want to make money but doing it this way doesn’t make sense. Blizzard release new busted hero, that hero dominates QM every plays ranked or unranked just so they can ban them. Hows does this help the business model ? Taking way too long to balance out a new hero again. Just puts a bad taste in peoples mouths until the Devs. DEVS can just make balanced heros that are fresh or new and those will sell, you dont need to make money by giving into the small community of power gamers. Playing the new hero almost always gets the MVP, which is flawed because sure your stats look great but your playing an op hero against heroes who have been nerfed or reworked for balance (slow clap for those who dont see this ), 2) Power creep is a real thing, why make heroes that do not need a team in a team based game ? When you have assassins who can clear waves better then spec or tanks that can full heal without healers what’s the point , hence why the times are so bad in QM just play assassins who can lane and tanks that dont need healers your just messing with your own formula. 3) the skins are an huge issue, we have certain heroes who dont get any new skins for months, if it’s a thing of not having fresh ideas that’s fine but turn to the community for ideas, if the players could get an active voice in the skins you might see an increase in sales of said skins 4) for a new revenue source what about holding 3 game tournaments, each group gets thier 5 man team together, plays x amount of gold/gems (each player plays thier own so they are invested in staying) and do a reward system based off of that so it’s like ranked draft but the rewards are sooner. 5) what about just letting people build thier own skIns ? Have the base models and let players for a fee build thier own color scheme off of the existing models ? Idk I love the game and these are my 2 cents


I’m really glad to hear that you are reconsidering the ingame shop because this is something that’s been a huge issue ever since 2.0 IMO. I’m saying this as someone who has bought many skins and mounts before loot boxes came and now i barely buy anything in this game. Discounts on Gem Bundles are cute but i think being able to buy any skin color separately with gems would encourage players to spend more money on gems in general. I still like the idea of skins not available in lootboxes and only purchasable by gems as it gives players skins that are a bit more unique. One thing i’d like to see changed though are the purchasable loot boxes. I’ve tried to buy them once shortly after 2.0 hit and i have to say i was extremely disappointed by the drop i got and never bought them again. Maybe letting the players buy epic lootboxes instead would be more appealing.

I’m in love with this game and wanna see it succeed even after the recent unfortunate events. I don’t really mind seing heroes and full reworks less often as the difference between 2017 and 2018 showed us that more is not always better. You did amazing job on reworks this year and new heroes were really great too. I’m hoping we’ll get smaller reworks now for heroes that don’t really need a full one (ex. Tassadar - only thing in need of change is his shield) and you’ll only fully rework heroes that truly need it like Probius, Vikings, etc.

Thank you and your team for still focusing on this game and making it great for our community. Hopefully one day we’ll see a different message saying you are moving more devs to your team instead of the other way around with maybe Heroes esports getting support once again.


I would love Chromie restored to what she was before the new changes to her. She just isn’t fun to play, almost no challenge to play against, and subpar compared to the other mages.


Yes, this game is fun. So are all the other competitive games out there. But with no HGC, there isn’t something greater to aspire to in terms of skill.
Riot Games has a well-established esports program, that’s not erratic. I will probably invest into LoL as my main and will play HoTs as a side. I financially supported this game greatly ever since beta and by having the pro scene destroyed, it felt like the game itself was destroyed. It felt like a betrayal. Quite frankly, I would not mind seeing your company burn.
And how you’re still looking to change the core mechanics of this game, you really think it was the HGC that was responsible for your success or lack thereof, or something else? How long did it take to implement voice chat? How long did it take to remove that insta death stun meta? The developers seem to be too stubborn. And the changes they make are baby steps every season. And a season is too long. A lot happens in our lives in one season. Clearly your methods haven’t brought tremendous success. Maybe push the gas faster this time, although you have higher chance of making mistakes? Make mistakes, fix them faster?


This! Yes so much! Agree with all your suggestions.

Also thanks for the update, this makes me actually feel like playing again :+1::+1:


I just hope they do not remove the loot boxes, even though there are people who hate them is the best way to get skins if you do not want to spend money.
You could create a system in which you can get skins by gems and loots, so if you want one in particular you buy it but that does not exempt you from getting it in a loot.