Heroes of the Storm 2 - Diablo 4 Engine

Blizzard, you have the knife and cheese in your hands to release the best MOBA ever!
Diablo 4 has such a good engine, so optimized, so beautiful, that I played Early Beta with my 2011 computer with everything maxed out, streaming it to my friends on Discord, everything running perfectly fine!
Please consider this idea, as HotS already has better mechanics than any other MOBA, it just lacks aesthetics/performance.
Thank you for your attention!


I find the modded SC2 client this game uses very aesthetically pleasing, tbh. The graphical artists who worked on this game did a great job.

It’s the technical aspect that is lacking, especially features like Reconnect or lack of minigames during loading that are straight from 2009 and detract from HotS. Or having to sync 10 players simultaneously. Or the client playing back every single action that happened if you get a minor disconnect which could take up to a minute or more.

The game is also extremely CPU-heavy, which is rare for a modern game (modern games tend to be GPU-heavy).

The graphics are very beautiful on ultra high, better than you’d get in LoL or Dota 2 at the highest settings.

There is even a thread on Reddit comparing HotS characters at Ultra settings to WC3 reforged characters at highest settings, the consensus is HotS looks a lot better.



I think the aestethics of HotS are fine. (Except, Y’know, Arthas)


Yes! I agree with you 2, BUT I believe that with the Diablo 4 Engine, the game could resolve all these technical issues, and even improve the aesthetic issue!
Since the D4 comes with a more MMO focus, I think it would easily support 10 players in a room.

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HotS is such a good-looking game. Both the model quality, but also the game’s aesthetic really pops.

Recently Hearthstone started doing 3D animated hero portraits, and the Heroes of the Storm models blow them out of the water.



“Jesus H. Christ”

Nice post there murlock in the other thread. You got me curious, what does the “H” stand for?


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People may or may not agree with HoTS but one thing is unanimous, everyone loves the art style.

Im going to say something a little controversial here, but I actually prefer how Alextraza looks in HoTS than I do in WoW. In wow she’s a waifu but in HoTS she looks mature which IMO is more fitting for a dragon mother.
Also, the animations are fantastic. The way she flicks her cape after landing with her ult. It’s just classy.


The main issue is not the graphics itself, which would only be improved by changing the engine, but the issues of performance and mechanisms, which I commented on in the first post, on how a beta is already so optimized to run on a PC old like mine from 2011, and with everything beautiful and at the maximum!
And precisely being a game focused on multiplayer, I believe that all the problems listed in this topic would be solved with this upgrade.

I wouldn’t say its necessarily CPU heavy because it can work on a relatively weak processor. The issue is that this game doesn’t utilize more than 1-2 cores at a time, so while you may have 16 cores with SMT or hyperthreading, its not utilizing all of them and so all of the processing power comes from 1 or 2 cores. The higher the core clock and IPC a processor has, the better it runs because while its not using all 16 cores at a time, at least the cores are faster and are able to process things faster.

Most modern games utilize a lot more cores and that’s why they seem to be GPU heavy. The more processing power you have, the more the GPU has to work to keep up, but if the processor isn’t being fully utilized, the GPU doesn’t have as much work to do.


Oh right, that’s the bottleneck. I forgot the game uses just 1-2 cores, so it heavily penalizes lower frequency older processors.

I remember trying to force the HotS client to use 4 cores (through the task manager) to no avail many years ago.


HOTS honestly needs an engine change because of how garbage the current reconnect and replay system is

It makes your computer literally simulate every single action performed in the game before you can rejoin the game

This system is a side-effect of using the StarCraft 2 engine

Dota 2 is a game that is similar to HOTS and does not suffer from this issue at all

You just rejoin a game and start playing immediately

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The reconnection system and rewatching replays is a pain.

I’d rewatch a lot more if it wasn’t slow and clunky.


I guess we could look at the replay system as retro? It reminds me of playing a VHS tape. I would use the replay system more if it wasn’t so slow when you try to jump ahead or back.

Don’t get me started on the reconnection system, it’s next level terrible and makes me very grateful I have a mostly stable and fast internet connection.


Dang, VHS days lol

RIP Blockbuster and Hollywood Video


Our Russian translators of old American films have even become cult in our country.