Heroes never die!


for a price…


Is there any way for me to block her from posting in this ?
Nobody likes negative nancy with the tyrande portraid


You can mute people to stop getting notifications from them but you can’t hide posts.


Unfortunate. She is insulting good people here


You really need to be honest with yourselves and not the opinions of other people’s. If you enjoy this game and love I say go for it. Just because others don’t like something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either.
If you’re passinate about something or love doing something, are you really going to stop loving it because someone else doesn’t?
Idk, I really don’t care if people stay or go. I’m just going to roll whatever I’m going to do and do it.


It’s weird, people are telling me this is a dead game, telling me that it’s bad and should never be played, because an event that was centered around proplay has been canceled for a short time?

What? Last I checked, you played a game because it’s enjoyable, not because it’s popular or if you can make money off it, so am I having fun? Yes. Am I going to keep playing? Yes. Doomsayers gonna doom say? Sure, but who cares.


Wait what? You telling me HGC isn’t dead :smiley:


I feel sad about it I want to whine, throw my anger at people, and then I’ll go cry in a corner.

I loved Hots E-sport these pro plays are what made me wants to get better at the game (Still I only managed to go from Silver 5 to Gold1 but I tried).

Now I feel like getting better at this is pointless. I’ll keep playing and enjoying it after … A while I guess.

But everything don’t seems to be dark at least : A message from Kaéo Milker

I know i probably look like a crybaby but I liked this game a lot since I could focus on it to forget “other problems”…

Sorry for the bad english BTW have a nice day and try your best to cope with the bad news.

PS : I know my post isn’t positive either but I had to express sadness somewere instead of being toxic everywhere


I will stay till the end :slight_smile:
For the character limit


The difference is Diablo 2 can be played as a single player game. This game lives and dies on having a healthy game population. Many of us warned that ignoring feedback of people who were quitting because of bad matchmaking or the silence system etc., was shortsighted.

Those people who would often reply “you won’t be missed”, missed the point of many of those posts. Without an active and healthy player-base the only viable mode will be Vs AI and that’s when even I will leave.


I’ll still be playing it for a while, I play Vs AI so queue times aren’t an issue for me ^^


Guys if you really read the post they said

We’ll continue actively supporting the game with new heroes, themed events, and other content that our community loves, though the cadence will change

The game is not dead.


Literally not what literally means. They literally said they’d still be adding new content. Doomsayers created and latched onto this “maintenance mode” phrase.


I don’t know better ARPG with PvP than Diablo 2. PoE and Diablo III has focus only on PvE (PvP is dead) but Diablo 2 was really good balance between PvE and PvP throughout the game (low lvl PvP and high lvl PvP). Thats make Diablo II is really amazing. I can’t say same about HotS… For me this game was be better in Alpha and Beta when heroes was more dueling potential but after tons of changes this game feels extremely toxic for solo players. Now i feel this game extremely team-based (thats are sucks) thats another thing why this game has less popularity.


Why don’t you guys just take the time to learn to play a better, more balanced and competitive MOBA?.. I don’t understand.

  • the only way to support HOTS is with $$$


I know, right? But if he said “a-mei-zing” instead of “amazing,” that would have been an entirely different story if those words rang true.


I’m also playing vs ai full time, except where I get the event quest for less than 4 deaths (vs 3 play games) – gives a break from the boredom. Fast loot chests, baby!


See you in the nexus!!!


Any fool that thinks that the game will be better off next year after a cut in development needs a dose of reality.