Heroes mastery rings count as hitboxes...?

I think the problem is that you actually spent gold to purchase this stupid visual.

Give an example of this.:point_up_2:

You have tested this, but this is dubious because

  1. If this is true, Blizz is failing again on something so basic and any hope for this game is lost.
  2. You have buyers remorse for buying such a stupid thing and want a refund or to be able to turn it off. Of course, there is no option to do so.

before and after video pls

Off-topic, but I think they mentioned at Blizzcon that they will add the option (and also add more tiers of Rings at levels 100 and 200, or something)


Close, yes there will be new rings for level 75 and 100, but after level 100 instead the heroes level will placed behind them.

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Even in team fortress 2 cosmetics were able to affect gameplay. But not by altering the hitbox. Sure, the cosmetic might make it easier to reveal you or hide you better. But in any decently coded game, it still uses the same information in the backend for hit detection.

As hots effectively is played like a 2d game, its very logical for the game logic to be based on a 2d system, and use a 3d system to render stuff. This already makes it highly unlikely that mastery rings affect the gameplay by altering hitboxes (as the mastery rings are an effect exclusively for the 3d world! - just like shadows, particles and sprites also are often just for the 3d world).

It goes even further with that since they have proven that they can alter these hitboxes without altering the model. And its unlikely that they actualy add such code for the mastery rings, unless they had a poor coder at work (tbh, considering activision this sound even possible as part of a budget cut). But it would then have to be specificly coded. And this is simply just unlikely. You want to keep cosmetic effects away from any gameplay related aspects. Even if they can affect the gameplay by providing things like stealth (like the stealth mounts).


I can confirm, Mastery Rings are purely cosmetic and don’t change the size of a hero’s hitbox in any way.


Did a blue just chime in on the official forums!?


Thank you @AZ, as always :blush:

I’m not sure why would they ever do that to begin with.


Thank you, but knowing this does not make the situation any better.

except for falstad

falstad’s hitbox is my #1 gripe with this game

Aim for the hitbox and not for the Hero and you’ll be fine even against Falstad.

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The problem isn’t the hitbox, actually, the problem is the shadow. The game is trying to add realism using the shadow beneath his hitbox to emphasize Falstad’s position in the air. This shadow actually moves relative to viewing angle, which when viewed statically implies that he is floating, but when viewed from multiple angles is inconsistent and visually nonsensical given the way light actually behaves.

Also, given that players are trained to aim skillshots at hitboxes which are unchangingly on the ground, because of the game being played in two dimensions - as you can see from the grounded hitboxes of other airborne heroes like Muradin or Yrel while they jump - this breaks the visuals of the game. It’s actually an unavoidable trap for an airborne hero in a 2d game as either you aim the skillshot at the ground, miss the hero and connect the ability, or you aim the skillshot at the hero['s hitbox], and the shadow attempts to follow along but in the process exposes itself (and the game’s lighting) as nothing more than a donkey tail pinned haphazardly onto an approximation of reality. I would like to be able to disable this shadow as, for the sake of gameplay, it only serves as a visual obstacle to be ignored. An unfortunate reality of a hero existing in an imaginary third axis of a two-dimensional game. Yes, hitting his hitbox works the same as for other heroes, but either way you fashion it, his flight comes at a visual cost: either he is essentially played as a grounded hero with an illusory shadow, as it is now, or he is played as a flying hero with an illusory hitbox.

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That was unexpected :o

That boss hit happened to me a while ago, even without the mastery ring, that particular cast sometimes hits you if you are too close to the cast area.

You may not be posting this for comedy, but I did laugh. Thank you.

  1. Bit late.
  2. That’s no test.
  3. It doesn’t show the same situation without Mastery Rings nor does it show different situations (you know, scientific method).
  4. Looks like the red circle also touched the Samurais aoe (also there are vids like this even without the MR were a thing).
  5. You have a Blue post, dude.
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It s not the Ring that the mercs is killing in the video, the merc hit his arm … Make some test in try mode, put your cursor on the tail of your mount, on the top of your weapon, and you will understand how Hitbox works .