HERO REWORK: Whitemane

Hello, my name is Dmitry, I am glad to present you my vision of the Whitemane rework.

Hero: Whitemane
Role: Healer


Health – 1457 basically hit points.
Mana - 500 basically mana points.

Basic autoattack damage – 57 damage every 1 second at a distance of 5.5 meters.

Preface of rework:

It has long been clear to me that Whitemane needs a rework. The fact is that her abilities are fragmented and spineless, like the light wind of any creaky garbage in a wasteland. Her Q ability eats mana with ladles, producing a script props that is not like priesthood and healing. W looks like some kind of tricky pointer of a senile teacher. E in general, some kind of hat, R1 is boring, R2 … does anyone remember what kind of R2 there is? Ah, some kind of damageiky. In a word, the character is now the raving of a hungry dog. Also, “Desperation” somehow works there in a strange way. Where is my receptionist, bring him, let him look at all these red flashing chopsticks-stripes.

In addition, I personally do not like the excessive viciousness of Whitemane’s ability names, in the sense that the steepness of the High Inquisitor should be manifested in impartial justice, and not in an evil ugly face (what kind of priest would it be if he did not curb his animality and primitive aggression).

I propose to almost completely rework her abilities. About the same character will be taken as the basis, but only as I would like. Separately, I somehow will not single out {it was / began}, just take the concept from a clean canvas. All the same, there is nothing to compare with anything especially - boring and incomprehensible. Must be prettier.
So, we drove down the slope on the sledding of gaming.

\\ Abilities:

[Q] - «Power Word: Pray» - Heals Whitemane and all allied heroes in the indicated direction, restoring them 56 health in 5 seconds. The effect stacks up. The radius of application is 5.5 meters, the width of the application is cone-shaped, from 0.1 meters to 2.2 meters at the end.
Each subsequent effect applied to the same target instantly restores 25 health to that target, except Whitemane. The ability has 3 charges. The delay between applications is at least 0.5 seconds. Requires 40 mana. Cooldown of 1 charge of 6 seconds.

  • Thus, Whitemane’s healing potential becomes procast, that is, to give out more, you need to wait for the cooldown of at least two charges, 12 seconds.

  • From the point of view of animation, at the moment of utterance, a foggy wave of light slowly emanates from Whitemane towards the utterance of the Words of Power: Pray.

[W] - «Smite» - After a short delay, throws a bunch of sacred fire at the chosen enemy, inflicting 110 damage and slowing it by 30% for 2.5 seconds.
If an adversary falls within the scope of the ability [Q] «Power Word: Pray», then the next use of the ability [W] «Smite» for him within 3 seconds will not require mana. Requires 50 mana. The radius of application is 5.5 meters. Cooldown 8 seconds.

[E] - «Inquisition» - Consecrates the earth at a specified location within a radius of 6.6 meters, creating a region of radiance with a diameter of 3.3 meters. After 2 seconds after application, an outbreak occurs in this place, and all opponents who were in this area at the time of the outbreak are marked, and after 4 seconds they receive 156 points of damage. Requires 45 mana. Cooldown 12 seconds.

  • That is, if you threw [E] to the ground, then after 2 seconds it worked, and if at that moment the enemy was there - he will be marked, and after 4 seconds will take damage, no matter where he could run away.

  • The meaning of the «Inquisition» ability here is that the opponents have 4 seconds to prevent this damage. The damage, although small, is, in principle, tangible for a healer attack, so opponents are given time to prepare.

(D) (passive) - «Zeal» - When Whitemane applies basic abilities to heroes, the «Lightness» effect is applied to she for 3 seconds, which reduces the mana cost of using all Whitemane abilities by 10%. The effect stacks up to 4 times, and disappears after 3 seconds if abilities are not applied.

  • Application [Q] «Power Word: Pray» gives 1 effect of «Lightness».

  • Application [E] «Inquisition» gives 1 effect of «Lightness» when marking enemy heroes, and 1 effect when dealing damage to enemy heroes after a delay. Regardless of the number of enemy heroes hit.

[1] – Active ability – «Penance» - Applies the ability [W] to an allied hero, healing him. When activated, after a short delay, throws a bunch of sacred fire at the target allied hero, healing him for 10% of his missing health. Requires 40 mana. Cooldown 8 seconds, unite with cooldown of [W].

  • Cannot be applied to Whitemane.

[R1] - «Scarlet Aegis» - When activated, it surrounds yourself with an aura of 4.4 meters in diameter for 4 seconds, which gives 40 units of armor to all allied heroes in its field of action. Allied heroes in the aura heal 160% more from Whitemane’s abilities. Requires 60 mana. Cooldown 80 seconds.

[R2] - «Retaliation» - When activated, surrounds yourself with an aura with a diameter of 4.4 meters for 4 seconds. Enemy heroes who are in the field of action of the aura receive back 50% of the damage they cause. Requires 40 mana. Cooldown 70 seconds.

\\ Talents:

— 1 level

1) «Desperate Prayer»

Quest 1: Restore 10,000 health with [Q].
Reward 1: Ability [Q] «Power Word: Pray» will receive 1 more charge.

Quest 2: Restore 20,000 health with [Q].
Reward 2: Cooldown time of [Q] charges will decrease by 1 second.

2) «Holy Heat»

Quest 1: Kill enemy heroes 8 times while slowing down an ability [W] «Smite».
Reward 1: Mana cost of ability [W] is reduced by 20 points.

Quest 2: Kill enemy heroes 15 times while slowing down an ability [W] «Smite».
Reward 2: Increases the time for free use [W] to an enemy who falls within the scope [Q] from 3 to 6 seconds.

  • About the time of free use [W] after [Q] is written in the basic description [W].

3) «Light Sanctification»

Quest 1: Inflict flash damage on enemy heroes [E] «Inquisition» 12 times.
Reward 1: Increases damage ability [E] «Inquisition» by 1% for each marked minion, and by 3% for each marked enemy hero.

  • That is, if in the field of action, after 2 seconds of indication, there were 2 enemy heroes and 5 minions, then the damage after 4 seconds will be increased by 11% for all targets.

  • I repeat, the principle of the «Inquisition» ability here is that the opponents have 4 seconds to prevent this damage or prepare for it (run away, heals, teleport to the base, use a shield, etc.).

Quest 2: Inflict flash damage on enemy heroes [E] «Inquisition» 25 times.
Reward 2: If the enemy hero is marked by the ability [E] «Inquisition», then Whitemane will receive 2 effects of «Lightness», instead of 1.

  • Marked, meaning that it will fall into the response area after 2 seconds of activation.

  • According to the basic description of the ability [E] «Inquisition», заряды от [E] given only once per defeat, that is, no matter how many heroes are marked by consecration, Whitemane will still receive only 1, and with talent 2. And after dealing damage, it’s also 1, not 2. That is, the talent only affects the marks.

— 4 level

1) «Priest Concentration» - Increases periodic healing from [Q] by 20% and cast range [Q] «Power Word: Pray» by 1.1 meters, but reduces the area width by 2 times.

  • That is, with talent, you can heal over a greater distance, but cover fewer targets in width.

2) «Scarlet Judge» - Allows the ability to be applied for 3 seconds [W] «Smite» to an enemy affected by the damage of an outbreak of ability [E] «Inquisition», at a distance of 10 meters.

  • So, pressing [E] «Inquisition» in the specified place - there will be created a field that will work in 2 seconds, and mark-consecrate opponents, and which then after 4 seconds take damage by flash. And when the enemy received this damage from the flash, it becomes possible to apply the ability to it within 3 seconds [W] «Smite» at a distance of 10 meters.

3) «Sign» - Increases the time until the first activation of blessed land from the ability [E] «Inquisition» up to 8 seconds, but allows you to apply [E] repeatedly to make the damageflash on its own, but not earlier than 2 seconds after placement.

  • With this talent, the player can consecrate the area for 8 seconds with [E], making it a “trap", and when there is an opponent - you can press [E] again so that this opponent is marked and through 4 seconds received flash damage.

  • If the sign was not re-activated, it fires itself, but not after 2 seconds, but after 8, because the talent increases the time until the first activation.

4) Active ability - «Intercession» - Makes an ally Unstoppable for 1 second and gives Whitemane 1 effect of «Lightness».

  • Cannot be applied to Whitemane.

  • Talent taken from the original version of the hero, but only the effect «Desperation» replaced by effect «Lightness» here.

— 7 level

1) «Supreme Pray» - The bonus healing effect when reapplied [Q] «Power Word: Pray» to the same target increases by 15% for every 1 accumulated effect of «Lightness».

  • According to the basic description, when re-applying [Q] to the same allied hero, he instantly receives 25 healing. By level 7 it will be 33 units, and with 4 accumulated Lightness effects (4 * 15 = 60%) this additional heal will be equal to 53 units.
    Given the main periodic heal, and the ability to make this additional heal twice or thrice, this will be a normal bonus.

2) «Shadow Aspects of Lightness» - Increases ability damage of [W]** «Smite» 5% for every 1 accumulated effect of «Lightness».

3) «Measured Dissolution» - Enemies marked by sanctification from ability [E] «Inquisition», take 50% of this damage every 2 seconds, instead of all 100% damage after 4 seconds.

— 10 level

1) - [R1] - «Scarlet Aegis» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

2) - [R2] - «Retaliation» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

— 13 level

1) «Knowing Yourself» - Using [Q], Whitemane receives 20% more healing. And if the ability [Q] does not affect allied heroes, Whitemane spends 40% less mana.

  • That is, in any case, Whiteman herself receives 20% more heal, but if there were no allied heroes in the area of operation [Q] except her, the mana cost will decrease by 40%.

2) «The Dark Side of the Priest» - If the ability [W] «Smite» applied to an enemy with a health margin of less than 30%, the ability [W] deals 20% more damage.

3) «Shining Sermon» - Ability [W] «Smite» also begins to hit all enemies in its path, inflicting 76 damage and slowing them by 20% for 3.5 seconds. Active ability [1] also begins to heal all allied heroes on their way by 5% of their missing health.

  • The ability [W] is targeted, but, with talent, at the time of flight, sacred fire deals damage to other enemies that it touches along the way. Thus, for the best effect, the ability must be applied so that there are still opponents on the way to the chosen target. And the chosen enemy, in turn, is better to run away to the side so that during the flight a bunch of sacred fire does not cause damage to his allies. For [1] is similar.

— 16 level

1) «Scarlet Radiance» - While the «Lightness» effect is in effect, the cooldown time of Whitemane’s basic abilities is accelerated by 25%.

2) «Transparency» - As long as the «Lightness» in effect, the duration of the obtained effects of slowing, immobilizing and stunning imposed on Whitemane is reduced by 50%.

3) «High Inquisitor» - While the «Lightness» in effect, Whitemane is immune to the effects of silence.

4) «Scarlet Zeal» - Increases the maximum possible effects of «Lightness» to 6, and extends its duration from 3 to 4 seconds.

— 20 уровень

1) - [R1^] - «Supreme Aegis» - The ability becomes possible to apply remotely to a selected location within a radius of 8.8 meters. Reduces the cooldown of an ability by 15 seconds.

  • After distance use, the same aura is created in that place, which also gives the allies 40% armor for 4 seconds, and also increases the healing they receive from Whitemane by the same 160%.

2) - [R2^] - «Quietly Fire» - Allied heroes within range (R2) spend 100% less mana on using their abilities. Increases the radius of action [R2] by 1.1 meters, and the damage of enemies reflected by the ability by 10%.

3) «Blessing From Above» - Increases Whitemane’s maximum mana by 80 and maximum health by 210.

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

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