Hanamura Payload Weirdness


Had a Hanamura game where the payload was acting very oddly. It only ever counted 2 players from our team as standing near it, no matter how many were there. It had no problem counting the opponent’s team, however both teams were almost entirely unable to contest the payload. In order to contest (or begin moving), players needed to be on the payload for several seconds.


Something similar happened to my group where some of us could push the payload each time the objective came up, the amount of time spent on it would not change that unless the next objective came up. It it was random whether or not you could push the objective when it came up.


Same thing happened in our game. It seemed to effect both teams, and was inconsistent with who could push the payload. Earlier in the game 3/5 of our team could not push the payload and later some of them could but others couldn’t. I’ve got a screencap of it and I have a replay saved


I didn’t note the other team, but our Kaelthas was unable to move the payload. At least two of our other players could move it. Didn’t have enough data for the rest.


Same issue happened with me. I was playing decard and was unable to move the payload and was not couting twards when someone on my team was movint it.


Same here. Was contesting it with Mal’Ganis against enemy’s Imperius and Tyrael. It was still moving, completely ignoring me.
I’d link the replay but I can’t because forum rules =P


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! We are currently investigating this issue. Could you please send your replay files to our Heroes Bug Attachments Inbox?

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

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