Hanamura: Only Imperius on our team was able to move the payload


After the first payload, only our imperius was able to move the payload, so it was always at 1 hero with our whole team around it. Other team was able to move it without issue as far as I could tell. Started approx around 4min+ mark.


Same issue here. Two chars on our team were unable to move the payload.


Same issue happened with me. I was playing decard and was unable to move the payload and was not couting twards when someone on my team was movint it


So I’ve noticed, it happened to me and my team on Hanamura.

If I’m not mistaken, if someone is hit by Imperius’ Wrath of Angiris ult then they are unable to move the payload (or contest at all) for some amount of time, or that payload specifically. It happened to me, and 2 of my teammates at certain points of the game, and the 2 heroes that it never happened to I don’t think were hit by the ult.


Make sure to search before posting friends =)