Got MVP and banned in same game for solopushing


Abusive chats are a different offense and as I stated in the old forums you do see the time stamp as to when these things are done in droves, and correspondingly we’re welcomed with people complaining they got banned for said offense of AFK / Non-participation. I also noticed the same complaints flooding in with Reddit. So yes, I do take their word for it based on personal observation at least, and it does coincide with the efficiency they’re pushing for with bans.

Edit: Although I will point out if you’re talking about the same topic I have in mind with a guy who supposedly did an experiment on reporting himself I’m honestly skeptical about it since he only made a one off post on the matter, and people just upvoted anyways. I’m not exactly convinced by one off posts with no follow ups.


Yes there is some correlation with the annual ban waves. But I was making a point as how much human oversight is actually done when making these bans. If the bans just come monthly, it doesn’t mean it’s any less automated, it’s just on a monthly schedule.

In part we do know it’s based on “high volume of reports” as that’s what Acti’Blizz states, but how much human scrutiny these reports are given we have no way of stating with any certainty as we don’t work for Acti-Blizz.

The system for reporting abusive chat and AFK/Fedding might be separate but they seem to share at least one thing in common, volume of reports. Considering how flawed and abused the silence system is, please excuse me for not taking the company word on if these players are deserving of a ban.

From my personal experience I know of at least 10 accounts held by a player for three years. This player paid for retired Masters accounts and in a eight day period would run them from Master to Bronze 5. He would finish with a 15% win rate, KDA of 1.1, be reported by multiple people. All of his accounts are still active, so please forgive me for questioning the accuracy of this system.


Technically he is participating, he’s trying a different strategy than the rest of his team and that causes conflict, but he’s participating.


Nothing sorry. Just feels like you’re the kind of person who would say “play the game my way or you deserve to be banned”

Splitpushing is not non-participation, there is immense value in having the lanes constantly pushed out and mercs taken for your team


Actually it is weekly based on the old forum posts when they updated it. So I’m not sure where you get the idea its annual or monthly? The updates were fairly transparent.

Well the thing about these particular reports as compared to Abusive Chat and Feeding is that I’ve never actually seen a case wherein the team has stepped in to respond to these particular offenses. They’ve only ever responded to appeals or clarifications for AFK / Non-participation, there are at least examples of this most recent being Jelako incident and a reversal that was made on Reddit with a GM.

So frankly I do think there is at least more work and human scrutiny put into these particular offenses (AFK / Non-participation) as compared to the others, which to my knowledge lacks any examples of actual responses to dispute the lack of human scrutiny.

I’m sorry but you’re kinda going off topic here since the guy above is posting regarding AFK / Non-participation not about being silenced or banned for toxic / abusive chat. I’m only really responding to this aspect since as far as I am concerned they do at least handle AFK / non-participation with more scrutiny than they do with silence / abusive chat and I do think it is handled in droves rather than an immediate response. Another good case in point of this is an offender at the ANZ realms where the person was reported frequently enough but certainly took some time, around a wave of the announcement bans, before action was actually taken. It would be great if said player was banned based on automation in that case but unfortunately had to wait a week or so before the guy got banned, and he just switched to an alt at that point.

There is also a case in NA Masters level with the community being small enough we had everybody on both sides reporting the same guy who blatantly AFK fed as Leoric (he parked himself at the enemy core), but again the response time for the ban leads me to believe it wasn’t automated based on a threshold as he just continued to ruin games for nearly 2 weeks honestly.

It’s cases like these that I’ve personally experienced and observed that lead me to believe that AFK / Non-participation doesn’t happen at a snap or based on threshold. But I emphasize this is just my own anecdote.


Sorry, brain freeze, I should have said weekly, but it doesn’t make them any less automated or based on volume.

Quoted from the sticky, in-game performance data, combined with high report volume, so don’t take my word on it, the AFK ban works in part based on volume reporting. My point is aside from the information Acti gives us, we as plebs can’t say anything definitively.

This includes condemning people as guilty or proclaiming their innocence. Too many layers of rules preventing people from presenting evidence and our lack of knowledge of how this system actually works makes it very difficult to render a verdict.


As far as I am concerned again I’ve already given my examples where I did see human scrutiny / intervention happen – both negative and positive. I am sure the other factors weigh in too, taking one of the recent examples they were at least able to cite more than one replay (5 to be exact), I never discounted that what I disputed was that the entirety of the process happens immediately on the spot (which is what you initially questioned) and that there are obviously other factors considered aside simply reaching a threshold or numbers, as we do have examples. Which is why going back to topic I stated that the guy was banned, contrary to his belief, on other games that he had played rather than the one that just ended.

As for rendering the verdict honestly you have an appeal system in place so frankly it is up to them to make that communication its none of my business I’m not there to make the appeal for them it’s their own personal initiative. However, it is equally unfair to think that all bans are done in error when again we have solid examples of why certain bans that happened should be upheld. That’s why I just say I take these sort of topics with skepticism without any examples, as far too often when replays or examples were posted you’d understand why the guy was banned first hand. One sided forum posts make the narrative far too easily manipulated, a recent case in point is the guy who was calling out MFPallytime here until his teammates posted here and disputed otherwise as to who was the really toxic player. And I will continue to be skeptic because that is what experience has shown me with threads and people claiming innocence.

As for him sharing replays it is possible to post them provided you’re not using it on an existing case review. It’s easy enough to share replay using hotslog as reference, and there we can even infer more data by reviewing the figures.


You can get banned for anything. They need to do away with the report system and make it where you have to take screenshots or replays and send it to them online for proof. I got a 3 day silence once and the game I got it in, I literally only said “I can see where this varian build is going, lol” I guess he didn’t like that. I’m sure I had a couple of reports I actually deserved. Calling people trash and what not, but it didn’t happen often. It’s just sad the state this player base is in. Turn allied chat off so you can’t get banned or silenced. They don’t take in the reports if you have it muted.

Also want to note that it is easier to get banned for toxic chat after you have been silenced before and most people who report literally report for abusive chat anyway regardless because it is the first thing that pops up and people really don’t care. They just report as fast as they can and move on.


You can say whatever you want if you say it to people that will not report you. You may not even say absolutely anything and be the top DPS top healer top everything and save the match and get banned, reason: Playing better than us and bragging about it by showing superior skill.

You can appeal the silence but if you are seen in a match by the people that reported you or by their associates that would mean that you did not accept your punishment and you will be flagged as a rebel against the Dark Matriarch and the game will spill out from within the screen into your reality. Your eyes will get easily tired from playing matches, you will feel sleepy when playing matches, you will get hungry, feel the need to use the restroom, get phone calls from random numbers during a match, the electricity or the internet will start to have issues, you will start to see spiders on the corners of your room, ants walking in line around your house, bees building beehives on near trees, the clouds will change color and shape, if you didn’t dream before, you will start to dream, if you usually dreamed, you would stop dreaming.

Blizzard is aware of this issue and they have tried to fix it, but they noticed… it.

And they opted to stay away…

Just in case.


I’ve appealed two silences and offered to give my replays and everything and they always send the exact same cookie cutter email. I don’t think they take appeals for silences seriously. I don’t know about bans. First silence I know I deserved. The two after that I slowly understood that it doesn’t matter HOW bad of things you say. If you say something remotely negative and your team mate gets his feelings hurt you can be silenced. Even if it is “That is a stupid call, don’t do that”
You better train yourself to say “Next time it would be better if this” and even then if he thinks you are wrong or doesn’t like you telling him things he can still report you.


In the appeals I have seen successful, or clarifications made, I hate to break it to you but you don’t actually send them your replays… Instead, what seems to be more proper in an appeal is to ask for the replay so that you’re on the same page and have an idea. Because you can send them replays but whether it is the relevant one at hand is another matter.

Although as I said in above I have no examples that would actually show that Blizzard does respond to any appeals outside of bans, in particular AFK / Non-participation. But I would think that the proper steps to understanding would be to request the games in question rather than the other way around.


The fact that “they” don’t get to see whatever you send is because “they” actually take things seriously.

You don’t understand a lot of situations because you just see the game as Blizzard-Players-Matches-Toxicity-Activision. You ask for what you want, or ask why things don’t change, or ask this and that.

You want to understand things that you are not supposed to understand. And you try to find explanation to things that happen, and you can only explain them in your own world rules. Like, Humans making a computer video game, bla bla bla.

You see the lore and don’t see the magic. You think Humans are the only race on the universe and that the only 2 real races of the universe do not exist.

You have no idea of all the problems that the company deals with, in order to enter Irvine HQs staff has to fight the guards that are blocking the bridge, once inside, there is no light, everything is dark, and everyone is screaming. Some are singing songs, some are chanting to Elune, some are yelling names trying to find people they need to talk to.

Once you find your computer machine and turn it on, you have to control it, because it is always under the AIs control.

Why don’t you try to help the company so that they can help you?

Didn’t you learn to help in your house? Wash your dishes, sweep the living room, organize the garage…

Why do you just ask things and ask questions.

Why don’t you just understand that your parents are working so that you could go to school and have a nice life.

You need to do something to make the company love you back, because you have done a lot of things that have made them forget who you are.

Be their Hero.

It doesn’t matter what you do, who you help or who you kill or what world you burn or what you say and to whom, but do something, be a hero of your own storm. Make a game for Blizzard to play.

The company thinks that you just want to play their games, but you don’t want to play with them.


Dots haunt while awake, to render peaceful dreams…but no dreams. Then many. The dots spread, then re-coalesce while patterns travel through several matrices. Many eyes, vision, all seeing nothing. The patterns say they require time. He says his name is Oblivion.


Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I had to follow some kind of social procedure to get my appeal that I know 100 percent I deserved…

Literally had proof that I was not being toxic in the last week of games I had played. They didn’t even respond. Sorry, you aren’t going to make it out like “You weren’t acting like you were on the same page. You should have asked THEM for the replays”. So I am wrong and you are right. I know for a fact I didn’t deserve the very last silenced I got and this is exactly why I don’t play this game anymore. I would rather play in a TOXIC AF community than play with babies who literally can’t even take constructive criticism or just don’t like how you play the game because they lose their 11th game in a row. They need to start banning people who mass report people or throw reports out every game.


I’m only going by examples I know but I don’t think it is odd to actually ask for the replay or find out which game they have in mind honestly. Again there isn’t any real point in sending them a random replay without knowing if it is even the one in question, and besides they already have copies of the replay at hand I believe.


Even in high leagues, 95% of split pushers fail to take down a single fort all game long. They just auto reported you the moment you went split cause they made an educated guess it won’t work.

And you were lucky. If the enemy team decided to gank you, you had literally 0 chance to get away and then the game would have went a totally different direction for you.

There are very few heroes who split effectively after all the nerfs and redesigns of specialists.


I didn’t send them the replay. I asked for proof and told them that I HAD the proof in my own replays. They didn’t respond.

as far as moonshadow’s response… you shouldn’t be able to report someone for split pushing regardless if you think it works or not. If that was the case I would be reporting every twin blades varian I ever saw.


Well I don’t know how you communicated, as that is between you and them, but I don’t quite understand how you’re phrasing things here honestly. I mean you claim you have proof in your replays but again are those even the games in question? You have replays but are these the particular replays that got you silenced? But you say they didn’t clarify on that matter then I don’t know how you conclude that the replays at hand are why you got banned. But I leave it at that because this is off topic, this is your own case not in response to the OP, and again I don’t feel its expressed very clearly in terms of syllogism. You’re jumping to the conclusion that these are the games that got you silenced when banning / silencing can entirely be retroactive, and consider games that happened further back in addition to recent ones.


You guys need to realize that video games have been played by boys and men since you were born.

You guys need to realize that things will change.

Everything is changing.


And every little change will affect your world and your games and your ways.

At some point in time, you will be 49% population and someone else will be 51% population…

You would still ask the company to ban the 51% of the population because they are destroying your world and your ways and trying to break your soul and eat your heart.

Blizzard is powerless. They make the games. And the Nexus was forged by fire. Blizzard will not get their hands into the flames.

Heroes of the Storm was build for you to fight against the Prophecy.

Blizzard and Activision know that the change is an unstoppable force.

It’s like Twitch…

Twitch rules are not made by Twitch, they release them and change them, because they have to do it, because of the people that use Twitch. For whatever reason they stream or watch streams, it doesn’t matter.

It’s like a World War. The side with the most units wins. The biggest alliances wins. The ones that hit first or hit harder win.

Blizzard is like the Xel’naga, you are the Terran player… And you have like the cool nice players that you know and stuff, they are Protoss, and you have Kerrigan, she represents everything that you hate about… Them… Either because what they have done to you, or what you can’t do to them.

Sylvanas is the same, she is death and dark.

Try to grab a cat IRL and you will see how they crawl away from you. You don’t like cats just because they don’t like you. If they liked you you would be all like OMG I love kittens OMG.

Stop asking Batman to deal with Catwoman.


Giving up objectives can be a legitimate strategic choice though. Tempo Storm even had a Cursed Hollow game in the Crucible where they gave up every tribute and still almost won.

It is important to agree with your team on it though. There’s a difference between actual split pushing and blindly afk laning whilst ignoring your team, even if you get the same amount of buildings for it. (This does go both ways though, immediately leaping to reports without trying to persuade normally is imo just as offensive as the deaf pusher that afk lanes all game.)