General chat needs to be cleaned up

I work in cybersecurity and one thing I know for sure is that Chinese and Russian cyber threat actors love free to play games with a social features such as chatrooms because they allow easy access to young & impressionable youth who do not have sufficient critical thinking skills.

Have you guys seen general chat these days? Not just general, new player chat as well. There is rarely (if ever) any chat about HotS in general. It’s all just a toxic cesspool of misinformation.

When you look at these accounts, they are usually very new with very few games played. But they are very active in the chat rooms, spewing all kinds of vile bull.

This is how you foment another Jan 6. The amount of dummy Russian/Chinese accounts in the chat is mind-boggling. Blizz is just as bad as Facebook when it comes to fighting cyber misinformation trends.

It is straight up depressing.

In EU general chat they’re just spamming talks about female/men, virginity, politics and religion.
Female and Virginity topics being written pretty much 60-80% of the time.


95% of the spam on the NA server is about Donald Trump. Still.


I don’t get why you would even want to be in general chat.

I left it years ago as it was just irrelevant spam.


Yea that is what I see everyday. And some guy keep spamming fart jokes everytime he comes online.

I have also seen general chat is also filled with people who only play AI games that spam the same buy your boosted account on his discord channel. I have seen that happens on both EU and US server.

I was there for 2 weeks and I left when orphea came in and I saw too many distrubing messages


Such people have no moral both in general chat and Twitch. FanHots is safe and most entertaining stream and Khaldor as well. The other streams containing too much toxicity.

Fan is the reason I still play HoTS and spend like 200£ + in the past two weeks for dono requests to entertain both me and the Twitch chat.

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When it comes to General Chat (in any online game), it’s often best to use the Las Vegas measure. Don’t go to Las Vegas and be shocked if you see gambling, don’t go to General Chat and expect maturity or nuanced conversation.

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Yeah me too, I left after getting a few whispers from “Blizzard employees” about going to some site. (rolls eyes) I feel bad for the people who fall for that stuff.

For a few years, I had totally forgot there was even a general chat. I must have left it years ago. Wasn’t until there was a PTR that I was like, wait this exists? I had just assumed Blizz had done such a terrible job implementing a social/clan system, there wasn’t even a general chat.

That being said, I think tallgeese is onto something. If you take out bots, I think general chat theoretically could be a place where people can come together to talk like the forums here. Maybe that’s naive, but it’s definitely not happening with them there.

I’m not 100% sold on the idea myself, and this probably goes against their bottom line, but I think realID really should be something that gaming companies and social media platforms should think about using. Would make smurfing a lot harder.

To be fair, I have found parties for QM in general chat, but yeah at the very least 95% on NA is political, racist, conspiracy theory nonsense. I still join, but just keep my mental filters on.

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I have seen everything in this thread but the fart joke spammer.