Gazlowe: EZ PZ + Mecha Lord bugged

EZ PZ Dimensional Ripper gives 35 armor. Mecha Lord grats 10 armor per basic attack that stacks up to 30. While at 3 stacks of Mecha Lord, which gives 30 armor, I used EZ PZ Dimensional Ripper and my armor went from 30 to 35. It should go up to 65 unless the armor cap is now 35?

This was changed like a 1-2 years ago. You can’t stack armor. It only applies the highest armor buff/debuff. For example, if you use an ability that gives you 40 armor, and then the other that gives you 20, you’ll still have 40 only.

max(30, 35) = 35

Seems working correctly to me. This change was done to allow heroes access to stronger armor granting talents and abilities. Before armor amounts had to be kept low to avoid easy stacking to 75 armor which makes even squishy heroes very tough.

Negative armor functions like positive armor but in a separate pool with 1 positive and 1 negative debuff taking precedence over all others. So if a hero has -15 armor, -10 armor, +30 armor and +35 armor then the resulting armor would be…
min(-15, -10) + max(30, 35) = -15 + 35 = 20