Game crashes on Sun Temple while playing on a Mac

This new patch makes the game crash when I start a game on Sun Temple. How do you fix this or is Blizzard working to resolve this issue?


Doesn’t crash for me.

Crashes constantly for me, at last it led to kernel panic.


Crashes every time I try to play Sky Temple. 2017 iMac 27", i5, 40Gb RAM DDR4, Readeon Pro 580 8Gb. Dropped from g1 to g4 with several crashes in a couple of days, that’s probably a critical bug, requiring a fix.
The worst thing is that it leads to BSOD on Mac OS, which I have seen for the second time (second 5 times tbh) over the 7 years of using it.


There is an open thread dedicated for Sky Temple crashing on Macs with shader settings set to High or higher (i.e. setting it to medium will temporarily fix the problem).

Just wanted to highlight this! The primary thread about Sky Temple is here:

Our team is aware of the issue, but no real updates outside of this. Does it help to set the shader setting to medium?

I just got 2 kernel panics (the first in perhaps years) when playing on Sky Temple; 2019 27" iMac, mac os 10.15.1, Radeon 580X 8GB, 24GB RAM. I didn’t get a chance to try with shaders set to medium, but next time that map comes up, I’ll give it a try.

I’m getting the exact same problem. Mega Kernel panic every time I get on Sky temple. Will try the graphics setting fix, but this should not be happening.

Hey. The game has always run perfectly for me until I upgraded to Catalina. It’s only on Sky Temple that everything crashes after about 10 seconds and there’s no way to rejoin the match without it crashing again. It has nothing to do with the shaders, it’s a dis-optimization issue with Catalina. Please help. I’m stuck in Leaver Games for life until this is fixed.

I just had the same issue. I haven’t verified setting shaders to medium helps. I likely won’t be able to until I see another verified fix because I don’t enjoy wasting my time.

Why isn’t this a sticky.

Don’t set your shaders above medium or your game/computer will crash.

Standing by to assist with whatever logs are required.

I have the new 16" MBP fully loaded. I have shaders set to high, computer fully crashed when Sky Temple loaded. Also there is no way to change settings when reloading because of the “rejoin game” takes over the whole screen on reload.


Still having this issue in March 2020, absolutely unacceptable Blizzard. Pull your finger out and fix a bug that is actually crashing systems.

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Fix this already FFS!

MacBook Pro 16-inch with AMD Pro 5500M crashes after 2-5 seconds starting or rejoining Sky Temple map.

Latest macOS 10.15.4 update looks to have resolved this for my AMD Mac. Anyone else?

We have received some reports for similar issues, caused by the same issue, in StarCraft II (same game engine) as positive so far with the 10.15.4 update. For those experiencing the crashing or graphical issue, does the latest Catalina help with the issue? This should have pushed a new graphics driver update as well.

How about with the Sun Temple and other maps that cause issues?

Let us know if it persists after the 10.15.4 updates. We are monitoring and tracking your reports and greatly appreciate them :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Sky Temple still crashed for me yesterday. AMD Vega 48 (8GB), all settings were on Ultra. Will try again with slightly lower settings.

UPD: Tried to launch with Indirect Shadows setting off. IT DOESN’T CRASH! Thank you

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Sky Temple is still crashing under the Catalina 10.15.4 update. Setting shaders to Medium still fixes it. I’m using the Radeon Pro Vega II 32 GB.

Thank you for the updates, Zentgraf and CatwalkGhost! Thankfully, it seems that there is a workaround available in the mean time by adjusting the Shaders to Medium or Indirect Shadows off.

If anyone else is still experiencing the issue on 10.15.4, please let us know!