Forced 50% winrate is real and Blue Lied again

Considering the source of this statement is an engineer who works on the matchmaking, that should permanently put the issue to rest.

But as anyone who reads the forums knows, nothing will happen and the same thread will pop up every 3 days just like surrender threads.

People will complain about this “forced 50%” as long as the game will exist even when multiple developers say it isn’t true.

If shown examples like Fan who keep accumulating win after win without being “forced” to lose, they suddenly have nothing to say.
Or player profiles far, far below 50% especially in Bronze.

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Should, which is why they issued the statement that way. Doesn’t mean it’s true. Just means Blizzard is making a more firm stance in their deceit. Before they tried to gaslight by stating the Dunning Kruger bs, but now they issue this because the posts persist.

People will complain about the “forced 50%” as long as the game will exist

Because it’s real.

That is a direct quote from the senior game designer for HotS, Adam Jackson.

That has no bearing on my argument.
In fact it may prove why there is a forced 50% winrate, to break the streaks.
Just because winstreaks happen, doesn’t mean rank disparity should fluctuate as much as it does against your favor.

Did you even read this part?

You can always go on that topic and correct the developer with sources for why it isn’t false.

Yes, I’ve read it, which is why I made this thread. Blizzard is lying. I’ve seen my teammate ranks go down and my opponent ranks go up. How hard is this for people to understand? Seriously makes me want to cry from being surrounded by people that have no idea what they’re talking about.

You know what’s dumb about this whole theory, you are assuming the system is signalling you out and is trying to wreck your win rate and just your win rate and everyone else in the team was paired with you just for you to lose and you alone.

Like if this system were true then your entire team would need to be classed as ‘low ranked winners ready to lose’ and the enemy team as ‘high ranked losers who deserve to win’…

Don’t you see the contradiction in the whole scenario? You need a team of 5 that have each individually been winning massively but still have a relatively low rank and another separate team that have also been individually losing loads while still being at a much higher rank.

Not just that but how sophisticated would the system need to be to accurately and deliberately sabotage games.

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I know. It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t happen! Yet it has several times to me.

You’re not very good at making arguments.
If you want to call the company liars you have to show proof, statistics, evidence.

The dev already said it’s not true. If you call him a liar then give proof of those lies.

Your only source so far is “because I say so”.

Nobody forces you to lose games.


I’m looking for someone that posted a comment in that thread that had the same experience as me. Why would I make this all up lol

Why would I make this up

Just yesterday someone complained that Blizzard should never have removed the surrender option. Except… There never was a surrender in HotS.

So, my guess is, people have awful memories, like to make up things to fit their narrative, or just plain enjoy lying?

It’s convenient to make up a reddit thread that doesn’t exist anymore (but in reality they never get deleted).


They removed team names from Team League and then Team League all together. I remember a lot.

There is no forced 50%. Seriously system like that would require insane amounts of data and skill. I will say this is purely garbage system we got but it’s not making you get 50% win rate by a design that forces losses intentionally. I play regularly with 2 friends who are in the master/GM level. We get constantly paired with bronze and silver players in QM/UD(we’ve been in top 50 of those modes according to hotslogs so talk about it as GM level for clarity). Us getting paired with those silver/bronze players isn’t because game is trying to force us to lose. It’s because game doesn’t try to make games of our level. Instead game makes plat level game so MM balances the MMR average of our team by giving us the potatoes. It’s horrible system because there is no max MMR difference, but it’s not because system has malicious intent to make us lose. This is what people do not seem to understand.

The further outlier you are in the MMR from the huge silver-plat population the worse miss match games you get for your skill. It’s because game doesn’t try to make bronze 5 game any more than it tries to make GM game in QM/UD, they are the extreme outliers of MMR. There are so non-existent populations searching for game at any given time at those ranks. QM in particular is absolute chitshow nowadays because que is 10s so there is zero effort put by MM to make high level game. If play solo my allies will range from gold to diamond on average. When I play with the said friends as trio we get the bronze-silver range allies on average. We are all fairly close to each other in MMR but game won’t find so many high end players in short time it searches. For system it’s way easier to simply choose lower MMR average for game it makes and find us the potatoes to balance MMR and face us against plats which has huge population than it’s to find another 7 high end players. It’s not malice nor is it system trying to force losses. It’s just badly designed system designed to work for majority at cost of minority outliers. The further you get from majority player pool the worse the system gets. It happens even in ranked but not to such extremes.
In ranked MMR difference is maximum of 2 ranks and ques aren’t forced to start so fast. As result you don’t get such extreme differences in skill within games in ranked(while it still has separate problems from MMR seeding, boosting accounts, sold accounts, smurfs, pre-mades and so forth) .



Please go rant & rave on twitter or Facebook or whatever the conspiracy theorists are based in now.


I’ve commented dozens of times in support of Blizzard by denouncing these claims, so I’m an expert on the situation. See my wall of text as proof.

Wow, I certainly am impressed in your ability to shill product. Are you a youtube eceleb as well?

I’m not talking about rainbow matches with a glitter of ranks. I’m not talking about low population times. I’m talking about a winstreak breaker meant to push you toward 50% and stop your climb because the system thinks you belong in mid tier ranks. I’ve seen the ranks grow in range above me (opponents) and below me (teammates) as I continued to win. I’ve seen it multiple times over several years.

Everything you mention in your wall of text is SOME OTHER ISSUE which can be explained away as you have, but you cannot explain why the ranks grow apart above and below me as I win, making it more difficult for me to continue my streak.

And it is just as easy to say that you are lying about your experiences.

So where does that leave us?

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I don’t have a vested financial interest in this game.

Which is called confirmation bias. Were the other people in your team also on a win streak and therefor needed the loss? Was the system deliberately screwing with ‘innocent’ people just to screw with you?

No the system is not that smart.

Basically in matchmaking: the system checks your hidden mmr score and compares that mmr score to other players in the queue, trying to keep the scores as close as possible. There’s a few fudge cases where it may drag a slightly higher skilled player when no one else is available but even that has rules and limits.

What you really should be talking about is the math that determines your mmr. mmr is literally nothing more than a number but that number is meant to represent your entire skill in the game, that’s your skill across all maps, across all heroes and roles, etc. Never mind that it doesn’t allow for good days and bad days. That and mmr climbs faster with win streaks and drops faster with loss streaks.

And btw, mmr is separate from rank so those ‘high rankers’ would actually have a bad mmr and are therefore considered the equivalent of gold level in terms of ‘recorded’ skill.

It’s not confirmation bias. It has literally happened. I’ve seen after 7 wins in a row, the enemy team be 20 ranks above me (Pre-season) while all 4 of my teammates were unranked and obviously subpar, beyond subpar. I’ve seen the ranks in 2.0 go a league above me and a league below me. Multiple Diamond opponents while I’m plat 5. All my teammates were Gold 5 or Silver 1. This was after 7 wins.