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it is clear that hots will probably maintain a dedicated cult playerbase, no matter the outcome of the current crisis the game is facing. imo, hots was the feels-good-man game of the decade until unknown internal circumstances led to the general demise of the enjoyable-ness that i had grown attatched to in this game.

it is clear things have gone off the rails somewhat, i think no one within their right mind can say there is not a problem unless they haven’t played the game for as long as i have. i came around before the 1st anniversary, but players from alpha/beta period have been dishing out the same complaints as i have, so i want to come up with a comprehensive list of the goods and bads of the game as it stands right now at this moment, and why i feel like my casual game experience, and the game experience of other more serious players, has been negatively impacted.


multiple maps w/ different objectives
announcer instructions and good ping-awareness system
lore-friendly, multicross-universe hero pool
superior toon versatility with two heroic choices
satisfactory talent diversity
rotating brawler game mode
ability to create diverse custom games
long-awaited voice communication
no pay-to-win restrictions
decent themed cosmetic upgrades
rewarding seasonal events and daily quests
good presence of casual and competitive video streaming


badly maintained cyclical hero balance
massively blurred lines between hero classes
rollercoaster-like matchmaking
massively abused and careless report system
insane amount of smurf accounts/rank exploits
generally bipolar apathetic/try-hard playerbase
hugely bot-farmed AI not suitable for new player improvement
quadruple-digit league queue times
incredibly toxic performance “hours”
regional imbalances leading to stacked servers
inferior engine for bad reconnect/replay system
updates caused crashing, incompatibility, memory leaks, etc
little to no impact from majority or professional opinion
the successfully failed competitive scene

if we can put the wildly varying SJW/rebel demanded “correctness” in all areas aside, is there anything that should be added or removed from these lists? people will have different personal experiences for both sides of the coin, but i get these points from the consistency of what i read in the general discussion on a daily basis.

there needs to be a go-to place where blizzard can find sound advice on how to improve this game, and general discussion is about the only place to do that besides reddit, but i think it belongs here rather than there.

i think we can all agree the major problem is hero balance, but people cannot and will not ever agree on the balance of certain mechanics. if you ignore hero balance in the equation for the sake of this conversation, what does blizzard need to do right now in order to get hots back on track? once the dust settles from the “reorganization” inside of the company, they need to make fixing what is wrong with this game their top priority.

what say you forum crawlers about the current issues facing development? we all need to be on the same page here if hots is going to survive, and im trying to keep an open mind, but everyone has to do the same if this is going to work.

what are the most important problems that need to be fixed right away, and what problems can be allowed to slide until they get the ball rolling on troubleshooting the problems that the devs have left behind to be cleaned up? in all fairness i like this game alot but my patience is being tested with the quick matchmaking. reverting those changes was the biggest mistake imo and i do agree with those that say i’d rather wait 5, 10 minutes for a good game than get into a game in 1 minute where the enemy team has a 2000 level advantage or has over-the-top counter mechanics to the allied composition, or vise versa.

it is my concrete opinion that people need to complain more. these people that are afraid to look like a crybaby or ‘complainer’ are actually contributing to the problems at hand. players need to complain MORE, not less. we just need to keep it clear and constructive so people will be inclined to take us more seriously. all i ever do is try to provide constructive feedback, but people think i’m trolling all the time. there are some people who have come and gone in the forums that are called ‘trolls’ when all they do is provide constructive criticism based on their own perceptions and experiences, which i think is totally legitimate, whether it is valid or not to the majority.

so to the people who criticize everyone elses complaining, if you don’t agree with what we complain about, what is seen as a real problem for you?

what say you? speak up, because with the things that are going on in the background, the best time to make a change you and maybe someone else might want, may be now.


Roles :grin:


Don t you understand they are layoffing people and don t plan to fix our request ? Don t you understand that this company is doom to shut down ?


blizzard is not shutting down. if anything, its being assimilated. those are very two different things. activision believes that there is enough potential to profit from their projects that they are willing to do anything to get their hands on it, even if it includes laying off a huge percentage of their original staff.

there is no way the company that made the single most profitable(by a large margin) game ever is expendable to activision. activision buys ever company that is experiencing success, and then proceeds to ruin it. their influence has had negative impact on the game, sure, but it will rebound after the dust settles.


Fix all the whiners on the forums. Maybe short out their keyboards so they can’t type any additional bs. :^)


Agreed 100%

I recently gave Blizzard an ultimatum, saying that unless they nerf Varian and buff Chogall in their next patch, I would be out. I have been playing this game since alpha, and I have been buying things I don’t need just to support the game. As you said, people in comments called me a crybaby and a complainer, but I don’t care - I am pointing out actual problems that exist with this game, and anyone who cares to look will see that. Blizzard keeps ignoring all of my posts and if they ignore this one too, I am out. I would encourage other people to actually do the same thing I do - once the last people start leaving, Blizzard will either have to start listening, or shut the game down completely.


considering you or any single one else makes up for a whopping zero point zero zero zero (insert appropriate amount of more zeroes) x percent of HotS revenue let alone actiblizz you may guess who gives a second of their time to think about your proposal that probably isn’t backed up by a couple hundred reddit users which might be a reason for a blue response.

personally I’d fix



I am boycotting them until new radical changes to the games, not only just skins or new hero…

Boycott them :briefcase: