EU Main Heal LFM ~ Climb out of Gold hell

Hello there!

Since more and more friends stop playing HotS, it’s kinda hard climbing as a main healer. Even if I’m playing flex, I can’t fill all the spots needed :smiley:
So I’m looking for some people to play with.

Some infos about me:

  • Playing since alpha, Lvl 2200+
  • about 11 years MOBA experience, highest rank diamond while HL times
  • favorite healers: bw, auriel, ana, stukov, anduin; however, can also play every other healer, I just don’t really like playing uther and khar
  • I’m right now at Gold4 and kinda stuck. Would love to play duo or triple queue.

What I’m expecting from you:

  • at very least basic knowledge about heroes and maps, know your role
  • communicative, Discord (English isn’t my mother tongue, but should be enough to do the deed)
  • I’m sometimes a tryharder, but I’m not toxic and expect you to be neither

I’m mostly online at (late) evening hours (CEST).
Actually, I would also be willing to start anew, if that’s on your mind for a while. Probably my main account is just jinxed/stuck in this.
Would love to hear from you, add me: Neko#2484

See you in the Nexus!


I’ve recently come back to the game and I don’t mind queueing up, i’m usually on late Saturday evening and other times bit thats more inconsistent.

Next time i’m on i’ll try adding you, I see this was a few months ago so you may not still be around.