Estimated wait time...nailed it

Estimated wait time 380s. Actual wait time 3600s and counting. Gold 2, North America, 6:30 AM EST.

Gave up after 4500s and still no match.

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It happens, yes sometimes because there aren’t enough players online to match. Sometimes your queue can be bugged and you should have just canceled and queued again.


Bugged queue, that’s a new one for me. I saw a friend in Gold 1 come online after I started queuing. I finally cancelled after 4500s and looked at his match history and he got 2 matches while I was sitting in queue.

This is only my speculation, but I figure your que gets lost in void (so to say). My understanding of HotS matchmaking is that, once it fails to find a match, suitable players in your rank, it expands the perimeter. When it fails again, it expands again. But, players around that expanded perimeter don’t get matched with you, but with players around their rank, their own narrow, non-expanded perimeter (as was your friend who que-ed later than you). All the while MM circles around finding nothing for you.

If the que is taking ridiculously long, as suggested, you should cancel and re-que, so as to readjust the search perimeter.


Good to know. Requeued, estimated wait time still 380s, this time found a match after sitting 550s in queue.

It could also just be that after waiting so long, more people simply logged in as more time passed.

Waiting for 4500+550s is the same end result as getting two matches in 2525 seconds. But of course it feels more tolerable to get a match in 550s.

Which server do you play on? Long ques are a very unfortunate reality on some servers :frowning:

I play on the North America server but it’s been nearly unplayable the last few hours. After the 4500s and 550s requeue, I got a match, then queued again for 900s but someone was AFK in draft, so queued again and now 1200s without a match. So over 2 hours in queues or drafts, with only 1 actual match with 20m of play time.

Darn. Did not think it would have degenerated to that point in the US.

Those numbers are very normal when selecting Singapore or ANZ from the preferred server options though (sadly) due to lack of players.

It is looking like EU might be the only region immune to high que times at all hours of the day.


I mean, you’re playing at 630am EST in NA after they merged all of the servers. That means that after the merge, queueing up at 630am would mean that west coast would have to queue up at 330am.

So yeah, of course you’re not getting games. It’s not like you’re playing during prime time.

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Over an hour though, while someone else at my same rank and region got 2 matches. Something is wrong.

Does it mean we Europeans are the best, because we still support Hots by playing it or the opposite that everyone worldwide knows that Activision Blizzard is a sinking ship, except the Europeans, who are the last to figure it out? :joy:

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queue average is also only an estimate made from matched games. Since players can leave/re-queue at any given moment, it can keep the averages artificially down as it’s only using the value that they waiting for one queue, and not the time that’s elapsed since they logged in.

Also, since games tend to float around needing that 1-2 more players, those that do wait out a longer queue are offset on the the matching time the last person would get (a matter of seconds) with lowers the average wait time.

But given that someone one your list did get games, and you didn’t, clearly Big Brother was watching and personally sabotaged your games till you learned a thing about averaged estimates :stuck_out_tongue:

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