D.Va's Micro Missiles doesn't have different FX for different skins

Goliath D.Va and D.Va the Destroyer skins don’t have custom FX for her new Micro Missiles ability to fit the skins’ themes (both can be fixed by recoloring the ability’s FX to orange, however, I don’t think the missiles fit D.Va the Destroyer’s theme at all, if possible, it should shoot fireballs instead of missiles). Additionally, D.Va the Destroyer skins’ Micro Missiles is bugged, the missiles are fired from her (mech’s) feet.

(For comparison, when Tassadar received his rework with 2 brand new abilities, they both have altered FX for his different skins.)

On a side note, I think the newly added line (that shows the range of the bonus damage of her basic attack) should also be changed from blue/green to orange/fiery to fit the skins.

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Sylvana: first time?

In his mecha skin his Black Hole has the same FX as in basic skin tho.


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Actually, they’re different, here’s the comparison video: https://youtu.be/oSCqgbgemeM

The differences are subtle though.

too bad his AA isnt changed.

now i see…that in his mecha skin it looks worse than in his basic LOL

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