Don't Play on 3 Hours of Sleep

You may feel fine.

You may even win a match.

But unbeknowst to you, your reflexes are shot and your decisions will suck.

And you before you know it you are ruining the game for 9 other players.

If this post isn’t well received I will make a followup called ‘don’t write posts on 3 hours of sleep.’

Good [I wish I could curse here] night.


Fixed that for you. Go to bed, your mathing is also shot.

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I mean, sure people hate the game less when they win but for me it’s never a good game when someone is clearly trolling or drunk on the enemy team. There’s no challenge.

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I know, and agree; I was just being funny. :slight_smile:

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Don’t believe me but look it up, one-third of the US is sleep deprived. Why can’t they sleep? Medical issues like insomnia, working long hours to put food on the table, jobs that they take home with them, you name it, we are people who just have a lot going on.

I’d much rather have a hard-working sleep deprived person on my team than some of the dudes I’ve had the displeasure of meeting:

Guy AFKs hard in beginning of game. Comes back, sees I’ve been saying to report him. Everyone else complaining. The guy says “Sorry I live in a country where earthquakes are common. I was just getting somewhere safe!”. Yea, okay, how do we know this dude wasn’t eating or making hot pockets while moving his char periodically to not get disconnected? Guy barely helped afterwards for next 10 min.

Replace earthquake with some other excuse like bad connection or another dude who just called me a loser for pointing out he’s AFKing. He claimed he had a life so he could do whatever he wants while I’m a huge loser for playing ARAM and caring. Okay? Don’t queue up then but I suspected he didn’t work anywhere special from the low IQ/nasty attitude.

Why did the dude have 3 hours of sleep? Maybe he works a hard job and was riled up, needed some game time to decompress. Maybe his roof over his bedroom caved in and he was playing games to pass the time until help came. Too much blue light keeping him up? The reasons for this could be endless.

The most important thing I’m trying to say is that the inability to sleep is the real problem here, not people queuing when tired. Think about it, he could be doing a more dangerous activity like driving with no sleep but instead people are safe because you played HOTS with him.

don’t play heroes of the storm at 3 am (challenge)

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Play Hots for 24 hours challange.

Interesting. I wonder whether/how this would develop you as a player. :thinking:

Sound advice Revvick. I would also add, “don’t play for hours at a stretch, without a break.”

This below is an example of a player I encountered in a ranked match:

I previously posted this in the Salt Mines, and they had actually been playing closer to eight hours, there are more losses that couldn’t fit into one window. They were very emotional in draft chat and when I looked at their profile and suggested they might need some sleep they said something to the effect “I’ve only lost games because of trolls taking bad comps!”

Our team did take a conventional comp (they took Valla) and we didn’t win, it wasn’t all the sleepy Valla’s fault, but if you select Valla’s Gambit talent and almost never stutter step (They started that session Plat and were gold when I was matched with them) then you should at least consider that your reflexes might be compromised due to fatigue.

I remember keeping a whisper opened with them, and I think they played at least three more games before getting a win.

Coincidently, that was the last time I played ranked…

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I’ve been there and done that

It’s actually not so bad if you have time to get proper sleep afterwards

And the people who are still up tend to be better players

This video is the only result that comes to my mind