Does this game ignore afks or something?

I get the same guy three games in a row in storm league, he picks tank and would go to any lane that had no team mates and attack 1 minion then go afk behind the towers.

Then I get this same guy two games in a row today doing the same thing. He has 14 losses in a row and yet here we are.

Just report and move on.

I did every game and I got the same guy doing it over and over. He did it to many other players and yet he is still here. Further proving this game does not punish players.

The player needs many reports to punish him. Yours alone does nothing

Knowing my report does nothing and I will get this player several games in a row and even get the guy the very next day kills my motivation to even play this game. Why play a game where I am gonna get player that will not even try to win?

After the match, bring up the stats screen and start a whisper to the problem child. You don’t have to actually say anything to them, probably best if you don’t, but it will tell you when they get into another match so you can avoid them.


This is what I always do, works like a charm. Like a mini avoid-system for trolls and afks.

How do people not know this in 2021? Come on, most of you were here for like 4+ years.
Use the player status updates to your advantage.

Avoiding the que at the right times could even impact your win rate in the long term.

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How do you whisper someone a day later? Like I can not keep a list of these players for every time I want to play a game…

The only flaw about that tactic is you are doomed to afk and wait for the troll to either exit the game or enter a new game and if you are playing on a low pop server you might still end up with him because of high wait time for games. Then the troll can play a game while you still sits in que and que up for a new game where it place you into his game again.

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