Does reporting actually work

Does any one know if reporting actually works?
I’ve reported a particular person multiple times, muted him, but still see him next game after the next.

Reporting works darling. Haven’t you seen those people with the silenced icon in Quick Play, I sure have.

It works so abuse it like everyone else does. I always report everyone at the start of each game.

I’m sure you do, you are rather infamous.


I mean, if he’s posting here, it’s clear reporting doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:


More like infinite alts except they all have the same name. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Darling we can’t even say the name of the person, but they are the person who runs masters accounts to Bronze 5. This one person alone has done so much damage to our little server and they sound so proud of it.


No reporting doesn’t work

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I reported someone for abusive chat, which muted him, and the next day he recognised me in another game and was abusing me again. Is it bugged or is the mute temporary now?

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You just muted him darling, he no doubt wasn’t silenced as a first silence offense is for three days. There is a bug with abusive chat reports and block lists, sometimes it only blocks the player in question for the currently active session. When you log back in again they will but unblocked.

Post about it in the bug section sweetie, I have the same problem and made a thread.

Darling we have played together, and we both know it doesn’t work for two troll players on the ANZ. They have terribly explicit actions, like a dog, they throw game after game with feeding and AFK.